jeudi, novembre 18, 2010

My new car

After 9 months of being without a car, things went on pretty fast, lately.
My inheritance was finally advised as to be paid out. At the same time, winter is approaching with big steps and it is more and more hard to go into town with the bicycle. Also we really don't want to profit for ever from  the kindness of Mrs. Whitebeard, who played our personal driver all summer long.
So it was time we look out for a  new car. "New" meaning a second-hand one, of course. Our Veterinarian told us that her husband is a car trader and that he would find us something suitable. That was two days ago. Today, he presented us a Renault Clio Phase II. 
I went on a test-drive and it felt - well, wonderful. Its a pretty nice car and it drives smoothly. We made the papers and the payment and I can expect my car being delivered next week.
This means that I will not have to use the train, when I go to Basel on November 26. I am really not against trains. But two changes on the way to Basel, cold and windy stations (with the Station of Belfort being an anteroom of hell) its no fun, really. Let alone the heavy loads I often carry when going to Basel. Same here: Its okay in Summer. But in cold winter...And train is expensive. Much more than the fuel for the car.
The Photo beyond was taken by the car-trader. It looks longer and more massive as it is in reality.

Well, I am really looking forward having it!

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Bodecea a dit…

Glückwunsch zum Auto!

Ich fahre gerne Renault - meine ersten zwei waren alte R4s, jetzt haben wir einen Twingo, der uns brav durch die Gegend kutschiert und wenig verbraucht...

mausergirl a dit…

It's cute. :)

We'll also be shopping for a new car when Brian gets back, now that I'm busy in so many different places, it's going to be a necessity to have two cars instead of one. *sigh* At least the Jeep is paid off.

Dryade a dit…

Dann wünsche ich dir viel Freude und Zeitersparniss mit dem neuen Auto!!
Liebe Grüße von der Dryade

Sefarina a dit…

Oh ja, im Winter ist ein Auto Gold wert, wenn man nicht alles vor der Tür hat. Er sieht sehr wendig aus, der Kleine.
Ich fahre selbst ein kleines Auto und das ist vor allem im Stadtverkehr sehr praktisch.

Alles Gute, auf dass es lange keine Probleme macht!

Feronia a dit…

That's great Diana - very nice looking car! I like Renaults - I had one from the 70s (Renault 12, I think?) when I first started driving and it was a great car.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodecea: Ja, Renault ist glaube ich, ganz allgemein recht beliebt.

@Mauser*Girl Good that the Jeep is paid off, so you will have some breath for the new car. Hope you'll find something good.

@Dryade: Danke. Ja, eine zeitersparnis ist das natürlich auch. Wenngleich das noch nicht mal das Hauptproblem war.

@Sefarina: Vorher hatte ich ja eine schwere Limousine, aber erstens ist die auch im bergigen Gelände nicht sonderlich praktisch (wenn die auf Schnee rutscht, dann richtig! ) und zweitenst ist sowas auch irgendwo nicht mehr zeitgemäss. Ich freue mich auch auf die Wendigkeit es Kleinwagens.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia: The very first car is always something special, isn't it.

Meine Welt a dit…

Meine Glückwunsch zum neuen Auto und allzeit gute Fahrt.

President Snow a dit…

Aww that's cool! I'm not big on cars, but you do what you have to so you can get places in a speedy manner! Happy you finally were able to get one!

OckGal a dit…

Cute car! Congrats!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Meine Welt: danke! Ich hoffe auch, dass es eine gute Zeit wird.

@President Snow: I'm not a car-nut either, a car is merely a pragmatic choice for me. Nevertheless, a new one has it's moments of excitement.

@Ock Gal: Thanks!