lundi, novembre 22, 2010

November 22

A long time friend of mine had sent me a little parcel days ago, with the mention "do not open before November 22".
Today I opened it and found 2 very beautiful candles. The right stuff to be lightened under JFK's Photo today. This was so very nice from him.
An all over peaceful, but melancholic atmosphere is in our house. We picked up the last flowers in the garden and made a beautiful bouquet, we also placed next the photo, making a little altar for today. In the evening, around 8 O'clock, (the time that corresponds JFK's dying time in Dallas) I will burn some incense.

Aside of that, I share the feeling of fellow Bloggers like her and him that Winter has come to us right today. We don't have snow yet ( it's announced, tough) but it is very, very cold.

3 commentaires:

Dryade a dit…

ja, hab mir auch gerade eine Tasse Tee gemacht und versuche die innerliche Winterkälte so zu vertreiben .... - Ich reiche dir mal eine virtuelle Tasse "rüber" und wünsche dir einen kuscheligen Winterabend :-)!!

Feronia a dit…

I watched the first documentary I mentioned last night, Diana, and I was moved to tears. It was mainly news reels from the time and home movies of bystanders and it was just so tragic. Even knowing what would happen, to see the events roll towards their horrible conclusion was so very sad.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Dryade: Danke für die heisse Tasse! War herrlich! :-)

@Feronia: That is the reason I watch them assasination documentaries very little, now. It makes me to sad and I do know how it ends.