dimanche, novembre 14, 2010

Still struggling

Thank you for your supportive comments. Actually, I am still struggling with that scene, but I am trying out a new technique that is promising and which is probably the solution to avoid the problem.
The problem in question is the following: The more a figure moves slowly, the more the irregularities in the single drawings will appear and "flicker". In other words: A horse in a speedy gallop isn't a problem, but a slowly walking horse is. And since a horse has much details, such as mane, muscles and so on, it flickers like hell. That hurts the eyes.
I am now trying to solve the problem by only animating the legs all while keeping the same body and head. To avoid these parts being stiff, I'll animate them with Anime Studio's bone-system. I am not finished yet, but as I said, first results look promising.
The other problem was that the walking motion  itself was totally crappy. It looked like the horse was drunk, wounded by a shotgun or being no living horse at all, but some sort of weird toy.
And there, I thought that I know all of a horse's movements up to the core.
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3 commentaires:

Bodecea a dit…

Ich drück dir die Daumen, dass du so gute Ergebnisse erzielst!


President Snow a dit…

I'm glad you're getting ideas and figuring something out. I imagine a horse walking a slow speed must be hard to animated. Such a detailed and beautiful creature, must make it hard.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodecea: Danke/ Im Moment lässt es sich recht gut an. Die neue Technik bewährt sich, obwohl sie de facto mehr Arbeit bedeutet.

@President Snow: Yes, horses are pretty tricky to animate. But there can't be an Antique White House Story without horses. ;-)