mercredi, novembre 10, 2010

Useless Rant

Usually I never criticize personal blogs. Simply, because they're personal and if you don't like them, don't read them. A personal Blog is about authenticity.  I prefer a blog that's ugly and / or badly written but is authentic over a fancy one that is not really authentic. Nevertheless, here what I like less in Blogs:
1. Over sized Fonts and letters. I a not blind. And I am not deaf. Big letters that "yell" at me don't make what you say more meaningful or more important.
2. Extremely tiny fonts. If you are this ashamed of your writing -  up to a level you'd want to hide it,  just don't write it at all.
3. Fake-personal Blogs. Lemme explain. I don't mean fictive Blogs from the point of view of a fictive character - these are interesting. I mean a blog that is labelled as "personal" but is in fact a whole big ad for a certain product. Like "My weight-loss diary" that suggests being the thoughts of an individual, but in fact, sells a special, expensive diet-product or similar.
4. Innuendo-overload. Full of "You know what I mean"..."I'm not saying that...but you know..."
No I don't.
I can read subtext, don't worry, but don't take it too far. Say what you mean or shut up!
5. Links that don't work. Test them before you post them, Idiot!
6. Useless criticism of other blogs. While it may make sense to write about a specific subject an other blog wrote about and on which you feel differently, I can't see any good in ranting about personal things in other blogs. Blogger XY writes too much about the weather and you hate how he or she constantly posts photos of her pet-rat? Well, don't read it then. It's that simple. Ranting about other blogs is stupid.

Hey ! Don't look at me! Just because I did it doesn't make it any better ;-)

In my effort to avoid Innuendos: I hereby solemnly state that I had NO blog of my regular readers / commenters in my mind when writing this. The ones I had are probably unknown to you.

4 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Ach, das denk ich mir auch manchmal...

Bodecea a dit…

Sehe ich so wie du. Ich muss jedoch gestehen, dass ich noch eine ganz eigene Kategorie habe - Blogs, die ich lese, weil ich sie so grotesk scheußlich finde.

Feronia a dit…

I only go to the blogs I really like...can't be bothered reading the others!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina. Ja, gell...
@Bodecea. Gewiss, manche Sachen sind so grottig, dass es schon gfast wieder unterhaltsam ist. Mir selber fehlt aber auch meistens die Zeit...
@Feronia Yes, since Blog Reading is time consuming, one has to make a choice.