jeudi, novembre 25, 2010

Why always me?

I don't want this to become a "my car blog" and therefore wanted to talk about another subject, but I do have to say a few words about what happened yesterday. It's too crazy.
Short version:
* Noticed that new winter tires were not mounted but been laid in the trunk.
* Called the car-seller, he blamed his Idiot of mechanic (and he is!) and said I shall come to his car shop, he'll mount them.
*Went there, tires were mounted by him (the boss) and not by the idiot. Was happy.
*Boss drove my car out of the shop. Backward. Fast. Very fast.
*Boss crashed my car into another car who has arrived and stationed on the yard.
* Owner of said car looked at the whole scenery with deep and utter disbelief. (Fortunately, he was out of the vehicle, he could have been injured)
* So did I. -  Looking with endless and hopeless disbelief, I mean.
* Boss assured he would repair both cars, here, now and today.
* Boss had to drive to Epinal first, to get the pieces for repairing.
*Waited more than three hours at the shop's office for my car to be fixed. It was cold and I was very unhappy.
*Got the fixed car back. Does well, so far. Still I am afraid that there may be a hidden damage that will cause the car falling apart in pieces when I am at full speed on the motorway tomorrow. But I guess I'm just paranoid.

7 commentaires:

Bodecea a dit…

Oh, fuck off...

Na ja, immerhin tut es wieder. Und ich denke mal, der Mechaniker schuldet dir noch ein paar kostenlose Kleinreparaturen...

Feronia a dit…

Oh my God. What an absolute f*ckwit of a guy! So sorry to hear about that, Diana. I am sure the car is now fine, though. Take care on your drive tomorrow.

Geier a dit…

Das glaubt man nicht... Der Gott der Automobile scheint was gegen dich zu haben.

Sefarina a dit…

Das ist ja monster-ärgerlich!!!
Vor allem von einem Mechaniker erwarte ich, dass er fahren kann. Na hoffentlich war's das jetzt mit der Pechsträhne...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodecea: Ja, nach der sache schguldet mir schon was ;-)

@Feronia: Thanks. Drive was all good.

@Geier: Es war in der tat kaum zu fassen.

@Sefarina: Ob es wirklich Pech war, sei dahingestellt. Durch den Unfall outete sich ein Defekt, der schon vorher da war und der sich wohl in einigen Monaten gezeigt hätte, dann auf meine Kosten. So wurde das noch auf Rechnung des Händlers repariert. Auch gut.

2woelfe a dit…

Für mich klingt das nach einer grandiosen Seifenoper. :D Einfach perfekt. Ich wünsche Dir aber natürlich nicht mehr allzuviele Vorfälle dieser Art.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@2Woelfe, ja, ich bin jedenfalls bedient.