vendredi, décembre 31, 2010

Happy new year!

Happy and lucky new year to all of you! May all your wishes come true!

jeudi, décembre 30, 2010

Yule Gifts summary

Yesterday, I received a package of dear Sefarina. She sent me some incense and scent goodies. So wonderful - especially since I'm pretty out of incense stuff. Incense burning during the twelve Nights has been saved!
Thank you so very much, Sefarina! This is a truly wonderful present.

The other notable Yule Gift was a new outfit for the JFK Doll made by mom. I especially love the Jacket. It looks noble tough its sort of a home dress. She also made his trousers and the shirt he wears under the Jacket.. Incense and JFK-Doll clothes are Gifts that are never wrong for me. This year again, I won't be of those people who run into the stores after Xmas in order to return their gifts or try to sell them at Ebay ;-)

mercredi, décembre 29, 2010

New Year Wallpapaer

One of my "hobbies" is to create collages using my huge collection of JFK Photos and making computer-wallpapers out of them. Often, they are season related. The newest one is for New Year. Since I think it did come out nice, I'd share it with you. Click on it to see and download it in full size.

lundi, décembre 27, 2010

Mood Swings

I really don't know why I have so much mood swings, these days. I find myself irritable and with a low level of tolerance when it comes to little obstacles or when I have to change my plans. I'm not like this, usually. Pre-Menopause? It doesn't evolve into arguing, fortunately, but only because my ratio can hit the brakes at time when I'm at the edge of saying something stupid or aggressive.  I hope that it will get better, I hate to imagine I may become an old quarrelsome and bitter fart ...Gods, please, let me age with some dignity !

Luckily, I also experience some good things, like a real fine result lately, on a film scene. Looks like the new techniques I'm trying out yield pretty good results. Yay!

dimanche, décembre 26, 2010


Despite the fact we do celebrate Yule, meaning the midwinter solstice, we kept the tradition of lighten the tree on December 24 and also letting this be the evening of unwrapping the gifts, eating smoked salmon, home made salad olivier and so on.
Dressing a decorated Tree in a home with two young cats is a risky challenge. Benni has become much more mature and calmer within the last months, but Winzy still is as silly as a new born kitten. He was fascinated by all the twigs, their scent and of course the decorations.
But he didn't dare to go on the tree when the candles were on.

Last night was probably the coldest of the year. We had -16 degrees. When I woke up, all  windows were covered with ice patterns and unable to be opened. 

The rising sun made them shine in a beautiful light. But the cold was really hard to bear.

The advantage of snow, ice and cold is that the asshole neighbors are less hooning. But that doesn't keep them from making noise at all. On December 24, late in the night, they tried to start their cars and failed, because they were stuck in the deep snow. You and I would simply have taken a shovel and free the vehicles, and this without making any further fuzz. Of course, they took it as an opportunity to yell down the whole village and when nobody was found who felt like going out near midnight into the snow to help them jerks free their clunky cars, they tried it themselves - with as much noise and yelling as possible.
Really - I do hope so much that the next year will take me a step nearer to a new home without this bunch of troublemakers.

jeudi, décembre 23, 2010

Twelve Nights

Depending on the way you count, we are now within the Twelve nights, also called Rauhnächte in German.
We are performing a card reading every day that is supposed to represent every month of the year. And of course, dreams are even more carefully observed and written down than usual.
So far, I didn't have very exciting dreams until now. For one it's due to the cats who wake me up several times during the night with some noisy playing or other silly things.
Only notable detail is that I dreamt now for the second time of me planting vegetables into a wooden trunk filled with earth. I did this in reality once; before we moved in here. When spring is there and you don't know if you will stay in your home until harvesting time, you try to raise some pants in big pots, so you may can move them with you.
Perhaps these dreams announce a moving next year. Would be so great.

mardi, décembre 21, 2010

A blessed Yule

To all of you a blessed an quiet Yule. The sun will be born again and and may its warmth be in your heart where ever you are and where ever you go.

vendredi, décembre 17, 2010

Little forest people

Some days ago, I had a strange dream. It was in a forest where several half mummified bodies were found. The bodies were partially buried under earth, leaves and twigs and all grey and strange. Almost all of them were females. 
Then, I held a newspaper in the hands, where an article said that the corpses are the remains of a people living in this forest. In fact, they are not real humans, but just close relatives...They are not taller than 1 meter and give birth to children that would correspond to at least 5 year old human kids in shape and ability to walk. 
Since I remembered the pictures in the dream quite well, I made two sketches showing them. They look a bit like natives of the Amazon Forest. 

jeudi, décembre 16, 2010

Pagan calendar

December is new-calendar time. I failed to make the traditional JFK calendar this year, I really did not found the time. But there's  a great alternative :
Sefarina offers to all her readers a magnificent Pagan calendar . You can download the 13 full resolution images on the linked Blog entry and then either print them out at home or at a copy-shop. A very beautiful work by a talented photographer and artist. The very right stuff for me, for sure!
Since I have no color printer at home, I saved all files on CD and took them with me, last Tuesday, when I went to  Basel. There's a fine Copy Shop in the middle of the town. Unfortunately, The afternoon I could spend in town was so overload with "last chance to buy them before Yul"-things that I missed the copy shop. And yesterday  in the morning, my mom and I drove home. So I will have to print out this calendar next time when I am in Basel, meaning in the beginning of January.

dimanche, décembre 12, 2010

faces of ugliness

Usually, I  prefer drawing beautiful things and people. Most artists do, I guess. But sometimes, I am in the mood of drawing real ugly shit. Or real ugly people.

Good thing is, ugly faces are much more easy to draw than good looking ones. I spend more time on one sketch of JFK than I did on these folks above. 

lundi, décembre 06, 2010

Our relationship doesn't work.

No, it doesn't.
I tried, really.
I made my best to understand him, to try to think like him and I always blamed myself for every failure.
Okay. I admit that I had heavy prejudices when we first met and although I tried to overcome these feelings, I couldn't help but thinking that despite the fact that he's everybody's darling, he's just ugly. Cold, with pale colors, somehow "artificial" -  and ugly. Freaking ugly.
These days, I made a last effort - but it didn't work. So I think, it's time to admit it one for all: We will not get together. Not in this life.
I am talking about 3D animation and me.

I like movies like Shrek, Toy Story Ice age and so on, despite the fact that they are in 3D-art - not because of it.
To me, its cold, its tacky and without any personality.
But I admit that including *some* bits if 3D technique in 2D films; i.e in the background, can be a good addition. And since Anime Studio allows you to do this, I sometimes use this feature. Well, in a very limited way, of course.
For a scene in the Bête des Vosges Films I had the idea that the White House could be in 3D. Since it has to "rotate" a bit. Anime Studio can import 3D models as obj files. So I spent several hours trying to edit obj models in free 3D modelling programms. If I would be able to produce something good, I could buy one of those pre-made 3D models of the White House, alter it a bit and then import it into Anime Studio. Well, I was not able to obtain the slightest result.
It's a field that can't be learned within one or two days. I don't have the time, nor the patience -  and most of all -  not the sufficient motivation to go trough this process.
So I started to build the White House making independent 2D elements that I import in Anime-Studio. When rotated in the right way, these elements create a sort of 3D impression. This is a result I can live with and that matches much more my style. Because...did I say it? 3D art is ugly.

Still unfinished but promising:

Update from the "hospital":
Millie is much better. She started eating again and no more blood there is. The vet will see her again next Wednesday. My mom had her denture fixed. She is still in Basel where she has other things to do.I will go there take her home in a week or so.

samedi, décembre 04, 2010

News from the general hospital.

I went home on Wednesday to able to take Millie to the veterinarian the same afternoon. She really was not well, she had blood in her poop and was very ill. Even blood-taking for an analysis was nearly impossible for her pressure was so low that almost no blood could have been withdrawn from her vein. Its not quite clear what she have, it could be a lot f things.
The doctor made remarks about her being a -  well -  pretty overweighted cat. She isn't a big eater. The problem is her slacking nature. But having some reserves helped her trough the days she didn't eat anything.

Now I force her to intake her medics twice a day. (its a torture!) and she is slowly getting better.

Yesterday, another medical emergency occurred: My moms denture broke in two at the breakfirst. We got an emergency date at her dentist - in Basel. I had to drive her to Basel and then drive back to France, so I could be with Millie and assure her medication. 6 hours on the road. At least I am now used to the new car :-)

mercredi, décembre 01, 2010


Did a lot of shopping these days and I also bought me a new Video-Editing Software. It is very exciting and I am currently learning the program and its features. Now, its time to stop spending my inheritance and go back to the "broke as ever so watch every dime" mode.
Originally, I planned to go home next Friday, but it depends on the weather. They announce heavy snowfall. I hope I can go home though, because Mom told me that our Cat Millie is not well. She vomits constantly and moans. We are afraid that it is her kidneys. I should go home to take her to the veterinarian.
The news about Millie worries me a lot. I have still not recovered from what I've got trough with Gribi and fear it may all start again. Millie is 10 years old now, not as old as Gribi was, but not young anymore.
In the other hand, todays medics are pretty powerful and even Gribi had a couple of additional years after we first had to start the therapy.
The financial burden of an old cat needing a lot of medics is another story...