dimanche, décembre 26, 2010


Despite the fact we do celebrate Yule, meaning the midwinter solstice, we kept the tradition of lighten the tree on December 24 and also letting this be the evening of unwrapping the gifts, eating smoked salmon, home made salad olivier and so on.
Dressing a decorated Tree in a home with two young cats is a risky challenge. Benni has become much more mature and calmer within the last months, but Winzy still is as silly as a new born kitten. He was fascinated by all the twigs, their scent and of course the decorations.
But he didn't dare to go on the tree when the candles were on.

Last night was probably the coldest of the year. We had -16 degrees. When I woke up, all  windows were covered with ice patterns and unable to be opened. 

The rising sun made them shine in a beautiful light. But the cold was really hard to bear.

The advantage of snow, ice and cold is that the asshole neighbors are less hooning. But that doesn't keep them from making noise at all. On December 24, late in the night, they tried to start their cars and failed, because they were stuck in the deep snow. You and I would simply have taken a shovel and free the vehicles, and this without making any further fuzz. Of course, they took it as an opportunity to yell down the whole village and when nobody was found who felt like going out near midnight into the snow to help them jerks free their clunky cars, they tried it themselves - with as much noise and yelling as possible.
Really - I do hope so much that the next year will take me a step nearer to a new home without this bunch of troublemakers.

3 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Wow, so kalt war es in etwa hier auch. Am Abend wären wir wegen zugefrorener Türen fast nicht mehr ins Auto gekommen.
Und letzte Nacht um drei klingelte unser Nachbar stockbesoffen Sturm und wollte unbedingt rein - hat sich wohl in der Tür geirrt.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Eeeeeew! Also wenn das bei uns passiert wäre (Besoffener Nachbar an der Tür) wäre ich in ein Ärger-Koma gefallen.

President Snow a dit…

Yum, smoked salmon sounds wonderful! We had a turkey. I actually wanted fish, but my Gramma decided against it.

The cold weather is so beautiful, but it does not allow to me to wear less clothing and be out for long like I prefer to. But I do love he snow and the scenery.

Winter time is not a more quiet time at all. We get LOTS of snowmobile drivers since I live in a tourist hotspot, especially in the winter with ice fishing and my town being on a big lake.