lundi, décembre 06, 2010

Our relationship doesn't work.

No, it doesn't.
I tried, really.
I made my best to understand him, to try to think like him and I always blamed myself for every failure.
Okay. I admit that I had heavy prejudices when we first met and although I tried to overcome these feelings, I couldn't help but thinking that despite the fact that he's everybody's darling, he's just ugly. Cold, with pale colors, somehow "artificial" -  and ugly. Freaking ugly.
These days, I made a last effort - but it didn't work. So I think, it's time to admit it one for all: We will not get together. Not in this life.
I am talking about 3D animation and me.

I like movies like Shrek, Toy Story Ice age and so on, despite the fact that they are in 3D-art - not because of it.
To me, its cold, its tacky and without any personality.
But I admit that including *some* bits if 3D technique in 2D films; i.e in the background, can be a good addition. And since Anime Studio allows you to do this, I sometimes use this feature. Well, in a very limited way, of course.
For a scene in the Bête des Vosges Films I had the idea that the White House could be in 3D. Since it has to "rotate" a bit. Anime Studio can import 3D models as obj files. So I spent several hours trying to edit obj models in free 3D modelling programms. If I would be able to produce something good, I could buy one of those pre-made 3D models of the White House, alter it a bit and then import it into Anime Studio. Well, I was not able to obtain the slightest result.
It's a field that can't be learned within one or two days. I don't have the time, nor the patience -  and most of all -  not the sufficient motivation to go trough this process.
So I started to build the White House making independent 2D elements that I import in Anime-Studio. When rotated in the right way, these elements create a sort of 3D impression. This is a result I can live with and that matches much more my style. Because...did I say it? 3D art is ugly.

Still unfinished but promising:

Update from the "hospital":
Millie is much better. She started eating again and no more blood there is. The vet will see her again next Wednesday. My mom had her denture fixed. She is still in Basel where she has other things to do.I will go there take her home in a week or so.

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Bodecea a dit…

Ich habe nicht nur mit 3D in Comics, sondern generell mit Computeranimationen meine Probleme. Viele sehen selbst heute noch aus wie drittklassige Computerspiele. Oft finde ich die ollen Tricks mit Modellen und Masken viel besser - siehe Star Wars!

Sefarina a dit…

Die meisten 3D-Filme geben mir auch nichts und retten sich höchstens durch eine tolle Story und Witz. Es sieht einfach zu clean aus.
3D-Programme hingegen sind ganz witzig und sogar nützlich, etwa wenn man schwierige Perspektiven und Stellungen an einer Figur ausprobieren kann, als Zeichenhilfe...

Feronia a dit…

Glad all is looking a little better on the health front.

Gina a dit…

Maybe in the future you and Anime Studio will get together and make beautiful 3D movies. Once you have time to learn and play with it, that is. It seems that sometimes we cannot learn something we want right away; at least it has happened like that for me.
BTW, I had a dream last night that I was Ted Sorenson and I was in the White House and went looking for the President. He was in the living quarters with Jackie and the children. It was about the time of the Cuban Missile crisis and my/Ted’s office had a bed it!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodecea; Allerdings. Die Tricks wie in den alten star wars Filmen sind um ein vielfaches natürlicher und dadurch überzeugender als der ganze Computerschrott von heute.

@Sefarina: Genau, die optik ist zu sauber, da bleibt kein raum für Pers£onlichkeit und Flair. In der tat, deswegen ist 3D natürlich nicht komplett des Teufels und kann vernünftig eingesetzt, auf vielen Feldern was bringen.

@Feronia: Yes; Ia m also happy that the healthfront is better. I can not work when I am in sorrow.

@Gian: Anime Studio has some 3D features, but it remains a 2D program, that's why I love it ;-)
Your dream of Sorensen / you being him is very interesting. It must have been fascinating to see these scenery trough his eyes.