vendredi, décembre 30, 2011

End of the Year

End of year is approaching, so I did some cleansing of the house. To me, New Year is a holiday as important as Yule. Maybe because the phenomenon of time always fascinated me.

Minggy is a lot better today. I am surprised on how well he dealt with that surgery, both physically and psychically.

jeudi, décembre 29, 2011

Exhausting day

Wow, what a day.
early in the morning we had to drive to the vet with Pico for his vaccination and Minggy for his neutering surgery. This is already a bad start into a day, because of  all the concerns one has regarding a surgery and the fact that we have to rip the cats out of their home, stuff them into the car and then drive them to a place they hate.
On the road then - the car -  its the replacement car, because, no, our isn't still fixed - broke down, dead.
So we were at the roadside with a dead car and two meowing cats. I called the Chief mechanic and he said he would come within 15 minutes. He did so and brought an old car with him so we could attend the vet anyway. I drove with the replacement car of the replacement car to the vet. it was an old rotten Ford Fiesta out of the 80ties.

The surgery went well and the mechanic called that we could come fetch back replacement car Nr.1.
So no big deal, but I was extremely pissed off.
At home, Minggy got awake and  he seemed to get well trough the stages of getting back into normality.
But then, Benni -  his best friend -  hissed at him. I guess Benni did not recognize him because of his "hospital-smell". Minggy took it very bad and hissed back - and at all the other cats too, even those who have received him well.  It reminded me of his very first day here, when he growled and hissed without stopping at everyone. Right now he did finally lay down on the sofa. He has still that "go fuck yourself" look in his eyes, but well, at least he stopped stumbling trough the room, hissing and growling.
What a day.

lundi, décembre 26, 2011

Quiet days

We had very good and quiet holidays so far. I love these days "between the years". A time to take some rest all while doing new plans. Today's hike was almost a trip in early spring: Sunshine, warm sensation of winter. But I don't think that this weather will last. However, the walk in the sun did us really good.

samedi, décembre 24, 2011

Merry Xmas

Despite of the fact that we do Yule, December 24 is still the day we light the tree and give out the gifts.
If it were just for me, I'd do all these things on 21, but especially my mom is somehow used to 24. , so I don't want to force too much changes. And after all, this way we have 2 days of celebration, why not?

I entered the tree and as you can see, cats examined every twig of it. from left to right: Benni, Pico, Minggy, Millie, Winzy.

Wish you all peaceful Holidays.

mercredi, décembre 21, 2011

Merry Yule

To all of you a blessed and quiet Yule. May The night of the return of the light be for you the beginning of a new cycle of creative happiness

samedi, décembre 17, 2011

A Christmas Tale by Geier

Geier, a talented German  artist is mostly known for doing Comics and illustrations that are for mature audience. But this time he decided to offer a beautiful and funny Christmas tale that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike! Go have a look at:
Every day, a new episode is added - First episode started today. Geier did the story and the art.  A really wonderful idea to shorten time until Christmas!
(whole thing is in German, of course)

lundi, décembre 12, 2011

Old-Timer in the mud

On yesterdays hike we found this on the field trail:

A piece from an old vinyl record. It was so dirty we couldn't even identify what content it had.
Well, yes, Vinyl disks were mortal. I grew up with them but unfortunately, never belonged to those people who would softly pull them out their jacket, play them with all due care and then immediately put them back into first the paper wrap and then the jacket. Never touching the surface of course, holding only the sides.

Once I pulled a disk out, it finished its short life astray on the carpet, together with other records. If I was forced to clean my room, I just piled them up in some corner. Quickly they had so much scratches and holes that they sounded like vintage recordings from the ninetieth century. Leaving them in sun-rays also gave them funny shapes...

To me, Invention of CD's was some kind of relief. CD's are not immortal too, despite of what it was told, but they are at least a little bit more tolerant. 
For all those who treated their vinyls well, emerging of Digital Disk was not really welcomed. It threatened their huge collection of so much cared Vinyls. "I even can't stand the clac-clac sound when folks finger trough them CD's in a shop" said a friend of mine. He really has a big collection of Vinyls and he did always took much care of it. 
It may be a bit of solace to him and all Vinyl Lovers that Audio-CDs themselves were just a byway in evolution. MP3 is on the best way to reduce CD's to a collectible item for special interest-people, too.

jeudi, décembre 08, 2011

I changed my mind

...regarding water solble color pencils.
Until recently I thought that they were pure shit, as attractive as  nuclear waste or female Body-Builders.
Weeks ago, I accidentally bought one and days ago, I used it accidentally.
Well, I must say, it was not the expected "immediately-wash-away-my-work" traumatic experience I was afraid of.
Especially when painting buildings and building elements in film backgrounds, It just made the lines smoother, more realistic... fine. Tomorrow, I'm going to Basel - I will buy me some more of this stuff, then!

dimanche, décembre 04, 2011

Movies stereotypes

I had some time to spare and took fun into collecting a few stereotypes that appears to exist in the movies. Not in ALL movies of course, but in several.


* A Pet either dies in the first ten minutes of the film  - or never. No matter in how deep a trouble it gets, it will return safe to its owner at the end. Same applies for Kids.
* Dogs are more likely to get killed than cats. Exception is for cats owned by lone, vulnerable Ladies who are stalked by a weirdo. Stalker will never miss to kill the cat.
* Whereas the horse in real life takes every opportunity to pull down its head and catch a bit of food, Horses in Westerns never seem to be hungry. Even after a long ride, they just stand still when the rider dismount. 
* Deer will willingly appear as soon as someone decides to go hunting.
* In German Films, Horse-Farms are owned by a good looking but broke woman in need for a hero to save them from a reckless Capitalist who wants to transform the farm into a casino or such.
* Most dogs in Film are extremely smart. They  know who the murderer is long before anybody else does. 
* Cats throw out shrill fighting screams, even if they just trott along the road or jump down from somewhere. Probaly because they love to scare the shit out of you.
* Save an old nag from slaugther and it will win the next race for you!
* Snakes will always try to bite you.


* Children in Film either have the mental abilities of  furniture and just look dumb when someone talks to them or they happen to be some sort of miniature, know-it-all adults. Both versions can be extremly annoying.
* There are more autistic kids in film than in reality and each one has a particular gift.


*In Film, no obese person appears without her or his overweight being mentionned in some way, or even is part of the plot.
* A fat man may get a thin, good looking woman as wife, if he happens to be a nice guy. But no fat woman will ever get a thin, good looking man -  no matter how smart or nice she is. 
If she does, then i'ts because the man in question wants a  green card or uses her for his dark plans. 
* Thin people in Film can eat Pizas, Chocolate and Burgers every day and never get fat, if they happen to be the main characters.

ETHNICS (applies mostly to US Films)

* Every German is either a Nazi, has a Nazi past or is otherwise related to a Nazi. If not, he sells weapons or chemical warfare supplies. 
* Every Arab is a terrorist. If not, his son or cousin is.
* Every black man in a mixed crew can be sure to be the one who's killed first.
* Jews are always innocent. 
* Latinos are always drug-dealing firearm-freaks.


* A car will keep on rolling, even if it has to crash trough a solid fence, hit whatever hard obstacle and is burning.
* Every driver fits any car, no need for nobody to adjust the seat.
* No one ever gets killed or at least injured at highway-chases.
* Every car will have a starting problem when a monster or a mad killer is outside.
* No persecuted person ever properly locks the car when leaving it, even tough the back seat is the favorite hiding place for any killer. 


* I'm ashamed I can't hack me into the Pentagon-System. According to Films, its really no big deal to do so.
* In Film, you can google about any tiny little incident that happened somewhere in time and space and you will find all the Info you need.
* Zoom in any bitmap-Picture and you will end up with nothing than big, square Pixels. In Movies, they have experts who can transform these Pixels into sharp details that weren't there before.
* In older films, whole NASA-Programs fit on a floppy-disk.


* Women whose husbands have a dangerous job will leave them, because they  "too much fear to loose him". - This doesn't make the slightest sense, but well...
* A main male character will have a boring, troublesome wife who's always making a big fuzz over the tiniest little shit. But he will always be patient and stand at her side.
* Teenage Girls are dumb, aggressive bitches who toroughly hate their parents and can't wait to take drugs or rob a service station.
* Unless it's the subject of the story, no man will ever leave his wife. Woman will drop the man. 
* Lesbians are sexy but evil.
* Gays will kill their Lovers if they dare to cheat them.


* Whereas Smokers are in the minority nowadays, there isn't such a thing as a non-smoker in German Films.
* If two persons meet in restaurant for dining, they never will finish their repast. One will jump out and leave the place in anger, long before food is even served.
* No man will ever drink his cofffe other than "black without sugar".
* A jobless actress can still afford a beautiful house in LA.

Any addition to the list? 

mardi, novembre 29, 2011


I'm recovering from the surgery and each day is a new step into normal life!
Tomorrow, I will drive to town, in order to get us some goods we're out of. I think that I'm now able to achieve this "work". When I tried to ride the car a day after I went out from the hospital, it was pretty painful and not a good idea.

I'm also slowly finishing the Script for the Merula Dawn Film. This Phase is always very exciting.  The whole story now gets its final look. There are some twists and turns I'm really proud of and some aspects I definitively need to work out better. But the main strain of the storyline is now ready and this is a big step.  When the final polishing is done, then the script will be ready to be send out to potential collaborators, such as the Music Composer and the voice actors.
And of course, I need to do the translations. Original language this time is German, so I have the French and the English Versions to do.

There are several scenes already done. I'm working very carefully, trying to avoid the mistakes I made in previous projects. There are some scenes I honestly don't know by now how I will realize them, such a scene with a stormy sea and its raging waves on the beach. Waves in the ocean are okay, but waves crashing on the beach...That will be a real challenge.

samedi, novembre 26, 2011

Back home

So happy that I am back home again.
Surgery went well, aside of a few complications that resulted in much more and bigger holes in me than they initially said. It's like I received a blast with a shotgun in my belly. It's awful hurting and I'm feeling allover very weak. The communal Nurse passes every day to give me injections. But I am at home and surgery is over, that is what counts. I slowly get back doing some artwork, and I realize how happy it makes me to work on my projects again. Doing animations is truly what like most.

Thank to all of you for your recovery wishes and thoughts. It means a lot to me. The sole fact of being back to all this, my home, my friends, my art makes me happy and I forget the physical problems.

samedi, novembre 19, 2011


Tomorrow I will have to check in to the hospital. Gall Bladder Surgery is scheduled for Monday, November 21.

It will be mostly a routine job. They will grab out the gall bladder and the stones trough little holes they drill into me. When all goes well, I even can go home on Tuesday 22...Spending JFK's death day at least partly at home. That would be great. If not, it will be Wednesday. Only if they have to cut me open for whatever reason, then I'm on for a longer stay.
So I hope for the best. What annoys me most is the general anesthesia, of course. Each time I had it, it was a very hard and painful awakening. But well, maybe I will bear it better this time, since I am a lot thinner and will not need such a huge dose. Anyway, I'm looking forward for the moment I'm halfway awaken and told that all has gone well.

lundi, novembre 14, 2011

The Garbage Truck

Today we went for shopping in Xertigny, a town 15 car-minutes away from our village, where you can find a bit more shops than in Bains-lesBains, our next town.
On the way back we saw a big Garbage Truck lying on its side. Fire came out of the bottom.  Two men were still inside the cabin. First, I thought that they were Firefighters, due to their reflecting vests. But they happened to be the Dustmen. We stopped at the roadside, to see how we could help. People run out from the surrounding houses, too. The Dustmen could climb out and everyone was shouting at them: "Get away from the truck, it's burning.". Indeed, I was also afraid that it could explode, even tough that I heard that unlike what is commonly shown in the movies, this doesn't happen.

I tried to call the Firefighters with my cell phone, but it didn't work. Okay, my Cell phone is registered in Switzerland, but fuck!  I expected that emergency numbers would work worldwide, no matter where your provider is located and where you are. Good to know this for the future.
The Dustmen seemed not to be injured. One caught a Fire extinguisher and managed to kill the Flames. The people from he houses now called the Firefighters with their phones. Apparently, Firestation said that now that the Fire is extinct, they won't bother to come. Fortunately, people insisted that there was fuel coming out of the truck, running all over the road and that there was a big Garbage Truck lying on its side that has to be removed by one way or another. After that, they agreed to come.
Since the situation was under control, we drove away. Before, I made this photo with my cell phone:

jeudi, novembre 10, 2011

Georgie Kitten

Speeking of new projects, another one is Georgie the black Kitten.
Georgie has been originally created as T-Shirt Design for Spreadshirt and turned out to be the most popular of my designs there. Therefore, I decided to go a little farther with this character. Planned is an universe of Postcards, Trading cards and little Films.

The Films shall be suited even for the smallest Children. same age as the Teletubbies, with the difference that
Georgie will (hopefully) be liked by adults as well.


Georgie Homepage

mercredi, novembre 09, 2011

Merula Dawn

After the finishing of la Bête des Vosges, I have now dived into the new projects. There is Thyla of course, which I entirely rework in order to make it a widescreen Movie. And then there is "Crazy race" a little Film I started years ago and which I should finish just because there's already a lot of material done. And there is my most ambitious project: "Merula Dawn".
It is a film that also features JFK, but in a lot more adult way than the Vosgian Beast. No, not "adult" in the meaning you are thinking about ;-)  Adult in the way that it has a very complex story and is partly pretty scary. It is sort of a Mystery Thriller. A project I know will probably not be popular outside of a little freaky audience, but I'm starting to no monger care about that. I just WANT this project to be done. To hell with commercial potential. We are probably running into a global economic depression anyway, so fuck it.
I think it will take several years to achieve Merula Dawn, although I am a lot faster now in animating, because there are mistakes I not longer do and I worked out time saving methods. I will  keep you updated in this blog about the creative process of this Project.
The above Picture shows the very first scene of the story. It has been preceded by 10 Intro-scenes in Black and white.

lundi, octobre 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

And a very blessed Samhain!

We made Pumpkin Soup out of a big specimen this year's harvest yielded. There's fog outside, the trees are in full color - it's Samhain the highest time of the year! May you all have a great time!

samedi, octobre 29, 2011

Good Bye Pa of Winzy

This morning I went down to the post-office.  There I saw the presumed Father of Benni and Winzy dead on the yard of a house.
Difficult to say if he has been killed by a car or if he just perished because of his various illnesses. He was a stray Tomcat, filled with parasites and with half of his back-hair fallen out. If he had owners at all, then they were careless ones.
He had that special face our Winzy also has. That's why we think he was his sire - aside of the fact that he was the dominant local Tomcat which you could hear singing all spring long for the cat ladies. So of course, his death causes me pain. I wish I could have done something for him. All I can do is taking good care of his sons, Winzy and Benni. And at least, he won't produce any more lovely young who may not have the chance to find good homes.

dimanche, octobre 23, 2011

Roadside Finding

At todays hike, I found this splendid Amanita muscaria Mushroom. Fortunately I had my Iphone in my pocket.

They are said to be a luck-bringer. Hope that's true. Well, the last time I saw some in the wild was in Germany, more than 15 years ago. 
Yesterday I finally got a replacement car so that at least, I am not anymore immobilized. But my own car is still in Thionville. Problem is that a lot of my working tools are in it. As well as an entire animation cycle I drew in Arlon. I really hope I can retrieve my stuff soon.

lundi, octobre 17, 2011

Back from Arlon

I'm back from the Comic Fair of Arlon, Belgium. It was as usual, meaning the best of it  was the time before the event itself, with its sweet illusion that it will be great this time. And then of course, it wasn't,  and ended with a car-drama.

I drove away 04:30 AM Saturday Morning, in order to be in Arlon at 08:00 AM.
In Epinal, I noticed the white smoke coming out from the cars rear end, but I thought -  or better, hoped -  that it was the cold air causing the normal exhaust gases being particularly visible.

The ride to Arlon went well, I found the way without a problem. I discharged my items in the festival hall and then checked in at the hotel and after that, I returned to the hall.
I couldn't wear the Shirt I bought especially for that occasion, because it was so fucking cold. Even my Jacket was not warm enough. My Market Stall Neighbor borrowed me his heavy leather jacket so I would not die frozen. Well, that was it, for showing up my thin figure ;-)

There were very few people. And those who came just passed me by, as if I wasn't there. Even the well known artists didn't had much visitors. They had some of course, a lot more than me, but no comparison to the  fairs I knew when every halfway known artist was surrounded by big crowds as soon as he sat down.

Most people came for the merchants who sold old Comic Albums  for 2 or 3 Euros a piece, stored in plastic Boxes. It was mostly a flea-market for Books, not a *real* Comic Festival.
I sold 3 Lune des Loups, 2 DVD and one JFK Graphic Album that day. I hoped that things would be better on Sunday.

Sunday started with a lady who bought the DVD, the Lune des Loups and a Childerns Books done by my mom. She asked me if I had some books in German and I showed her some Doudou Books I carried with me, too.
"Oh no" she said," too much images, they overwhelm me". Since she seemed to represent what I think being my "target audience" (cultivated woman from 25 upward) I took the opportunity to investigate further: "Did you buy the Lune des Loups book because it isn't a real comic?" I asked. "Well" she said "When opening the book, it was comfortable for the eyes, I immediately could dive into it, whereas I cannot find an anchor point in Comics, especially when they're so much detailed and filled with fine strokes as these".
I think it's a question whether you grew up with this sort of comics or not.  As I guessed since a couple of time now, my potential target audience isn't used to read highly detailed comics and will feel much more comfortable with illustrated books.
The average Comic Reader is the 40+ male who either looks for gross humor or realism with a heavy accent on erotic - male's understanding of erotic, of course.

It's probably no coincidence that the new female shooting star in comics , Beatrice Tillier, does Comics that could very much have been done by a man when it comes to the erotic perspective, especially in her "Bois des Vierges" series.:

I don't say this with any negative understanding. I wish *I*  was able to do erotic that appeals to males.
I am not, even my nude female figures are probably too much from the female perspective I can't leave.

This said, I think what this Festival gave me in the first, was a statement of account of where I am, where I should go and what I should abandon. And as for the financial side, since I had received this subsidy from Vosges State and around 70 Euros of selling income, I am at least slightly in the winning zone.

Back to the car:
Sunday morning I took advatage of the morning light to have a look under the hood of my vehicle. Water recipient was empty. Well, I had filled it up before I drove away from home. I refilled it and then moved the car to the festival hall, so I could charge the car in the evening, after the show. In the 100 Meters from the Hotel to the Hall, I was surrounded by another cloud of white smoke coming out from the rear, a cloud so big and thick It took away my front sight (!)
I stopped the car at the road side, had another look under the hood and - water recipient was empty again. a small pillar of smoke came out of it, like in a cheap cartoon.
There I knew that the problem of loosing water I had since months now has gotten worse. Yes, I DID have talked to the mechanic about this problem. He downplayed it every time. I took the empty plastic bottles and Jerrycans, filled them with water. I planned to refill the recipient every 20 Minutes on the way home.

I went back to the fair. An hour later The organisation said that those who parked at the roadside should move their vehicle, for it was not permitted to park there and police could show up. I went out, moved the car to a parking not far away. I was immediately wrapped by an even bigger white cloud. Another look under the hood : - empty, flat. This car would not take me home in the evening.

I knew I had to call the help service of my insurance, but I wanted to spend at least a couple of hours at the fair, before the whole painful machinery started.  Unfortunately, there was no increasing of visitors. So at 15:00 PM I decided to start the call. An hour later, Belgian roadside assistance picked up my car and I had to pack my items from the stall in a hurry - and this was the time when suddenly a lot of visitors came.

The hall was crowed like never before - and I had to leave. Typical "luck" of mine.

The Insurance said that they will look if there was a train for me that can bring me home. "Well, go on looking" I thought, knowing very well that there was none.
Heck -  I explored the possibility weeks ago for I would have preferred to travel by train as for some obscure reason, I have a car failure almost every time I attend a comic fair, especially in the Benelux states.There is only ONE possible train a day and it would have required me to travel to Arlon on Friday and travel back on Monday - meaning two more nights at the hotel, 100 Euros more to spend making it impossible that this fair could be other than a heavy financial loss.

Now I was this foolish to challenge the universe by taking the decision to travel by car on Saturday morning, passing one night at the hotel and then driving back home on Sunday evening / night, keeping expenses as low as possible and therefore opening the tiny possibility that, with one or two copies of my work sold, I would even make a little gain. Foolish, as I said.

It took one hour for the insurance guy to find out that there was no train that evening and to finally give green light for a taxi to bring me home.
Now here I am at home, my car still being in Belgium. Insurance agrees to carry it behind the frontier to the next French town, this being Thionville.
I called my mechanic this morning telling him that the problem "that is none" has evolved into a big pile of shit. He said "Do not worry, we will go pick up the car in Thionville and I will loan you a replacement car."
Now I just need to know Name and adress of the french carrier that will take the car from  Arlon to Thionville. Insurance said they wil call me. They didn't until now. Will have to remind them their promise.

Comic Festival in Arlon - it was the usual Diana Kennedy fate.

mercredi, octobre 12, 2011


I did this little shit Video - although I don't have the time to do such useless crap. I did it anyway.
Now I can go back doing real work.

samedi, octobre 08, 2011

Lune des Loups

Ah, the Lune des Loups book was sent out by the printer - in time, I got it yesterday!
Printing came out really cool! Clean and of fine quality. I am so happy that I managed to produce this book in time so that I can take it with me to Arlon...

Really wonder how the balloonless Formula will be accepted by the audience. If it is well receveived, then it will definitely be the way to go for me when it comes to drawn stories. Not only that  it has a bit more style in my eyes, (but that is just me) also can I achieve a story much more quickly. The only realistic chance for me to bring to live all the scripts I still have in the waiting line.
Doing the same story as a traditional Comic would have taken me 1 year of work - not just 2 months as it did with the storybook.
In the Storybook I only illustrated the most important views and situations. As an example, a comic requires you to redraw the same background over 10 and more panels, maybe from different angles, but still the same. A huge and boring work that, most of the time, isn't even fully recognized by the reader. Worse: Comics still have that appeal of "cheap" whereas an illustrated book is seen as something more "noble". So why the hell should I do all this work just to produce something that is despised?
Storybooks allow me to draw only scenes and things I really WANT to draw, not because I have to. I hope that this will have an effect on the allover quality.

dimanche, octobre 02, 2011

Here and there

Health is a lot better now and I am preparing my next short Trip to Basel (the usual, monthly one.)

Today I decided to stop the daily scanning of the art I produce - I will take the whole load to Basel and scan it there, where I have a scanner that is a lot faster. I'm loosing so much time with my old one here. Instead, I will process the stuff already scanned that is in the waiting line. That is enough work to do.

Arlon is approaching with big steps - and I am waiting for the copies of  Lune des Loups being released by the printer. I really hope all is well, because if they made it bad, there won't be enough time to reprint it.

Aside of that, I have all I want to take to Arlon finished and ready. I think this is one of the festivals I'm best prepared to.

mercredi, septembre 28, 2011

Blog candy chez Dryade!

Wow, Dear Dryade is giving out a very cool Blog candy, here:

Of course I participate!

I almost missed that post because of all that health-trouble.

It first started with a suppurative frontal sinusitis, the kind of shit I'm used to.
But then, during the night, the whole thing evolved into in an additional pain, a hard pain under my ribs. The pain was so intense, I finally had to call emergency service and they carried me to the Hospital at Epinal. There, I received a load of painkillers and had to wait in a hard bed out in the emergency room floor for another Doctor to see me and for the blood examination to be done. I waited for several hours. At least, the painkillers worked, but I was so extremely tired (I had slept only for 2 hours) and it was impossible to sleep in that floor.
Time was endless. I helped a German patient who didn't speak a word of French by translating his conversation with the doctor and a nurse. two times I was awakened after I barley felt asleep: Once it was a little boy who had "a screw in his finger" (they said.) gasp! Another time it was a man who yelled in pain like a soldier who was torn apart by a bombshell. Nurses laughed at him - "he is just a simulating bastard" they said "he comes here every week with his show".
Oh boy. And of course there was the inevitable old living mummy who tried to escape the eldery's asylum by inventing some Stomach-pain. I had to watch all these people being treated until, at 12:00, It was finally my turn again. Doctor came and said I probably have some  gallstones got stuck. He said since the painkillers work, I can go home with a load of them, anti-inflammatory medics and the prescription for a radiography looking about these stones.
So here I am. the frontal sinusitis is still making trouble and the gall-stones too, but I shut them down with the medics as soon as they dare to move.
I'm a lot better tough, but very tired and weak. Just hope things will be fine when I go to Arlon.

mardi, septembre 27, 2011

Just a little update

Yesterday, at 3:00 AM I had to be carried to the hospital as an emergency.
I was released in the afternoon, but I'm still very weak. So this is why I'm not very realiable in Blogging these days. But I'm well so far, don't worry ;-)

mercredi, septembre 21, 2011

Alban Elued

First of all, I wish you all a blessed Autumn Equinox, Mabon or Alban Elued, or how ever you call it. I didn't have the time to make a special drawing for the event this year, sorry. Therefore I let Minggy be the greeting card:

When you are so busy with a variety of projects, you really don't realize how quickly time passes! We are entering in the dark season of the year and soon the year will be over again.

vendredi, septembre 16, 2011

Rate it ! (please... ;-) )

You may remember when I was so frustrated because the entry of the Vosgian Beast Movie seemed to fail because I had no third party site about it. Well, some nice folks created a Facebook fan page and also did  the DVD had a review.

With these links in my pocket, I made a new attempt to complete that awful form - and now, a week later, YAY! I made it!
The Film is now part of the Imdb database:

As you can see, the entry is still pretty naked. There's no poster of the Film - I can add it for USD 30,00. Will do so as soon as I can spare this amount. Also some credits aren't there, although I indeed entered these contributors in the application. I will have to learn how I can properly edit the whole thing in order to have Iris Karina and Wolfgang Mittendorfer properly credited, to name just these two.

In another matter, I need your help: As you see, there's a rating function on the site. I don't know if you have to register to Imbd in order of being able to give ratings or not, but it would be very helpful if you would give out a rating (these stars you know). I don't ask for five stars even tough this would be great ;-) but just being sincere will be fine. My main point is to show to the Imbd machine that this little film is for real and even a handful of people know about it. So thank you for every rating.
Of course, if you feel like writing a review (it's also posssible) feel free to do so, it will be greatly appreciated.

Why all this effort, you may ask. Well, with a reference of the Film at Imbd, it will be much more harder for journalists, TV channels, Publishers and others to ignore the Film and hence my work as a whole. It's that simple.  So the more this Imbd entry is detailed and good looking, the better.

jeudi, septembre 08, 2011

Card set

I'm back from Basel and have a new load of drawing paper. What a relief ! :-)
Now that the Lune des Loups book is finished (I still wait for the proofread tough, so I can send the whole thing to the printer) I'm concentrating myself on the next project. This will be my "pagan tarot" card set. I have this project in the back for a real long time, with several cards already done - so its really time to finish it for good. In fact, its not a classic tarot with the classic cards just illustrated by me, its an own concept. All while some "must" cards are there like "death" or  "love" and so on, I tried to add some cards with aspects that I think are  not portrayed so often.
I have about 10 cards still to do and then I can print a first set and test it, to see if the whole concept works or if there are aspects missing.

samedi, septembre 03, 2011

Paperless Week End

Yesterday, I ran out of drawing paper. We will drive to Basel next Monday, where I can buy me some new. But until then...2 horrible days without drawing paper. 2 days !
Can you imagine the Awe I'm going trough?
Ok, I can work on the Computer. I can make some animations, for I still have plenty of tracing paper.
But this doesn't help. Its the sole knowledge that I can't draw on paper even tough I would like to do so that just atrocious. I don't know if I can survive this.

lundi, août 29, 2011

Critique, Part 2

Today, a review of the Vosgian Beast went online at Read it here:

After the strong negative feedback of my friend, this review did me some good ;-)
The reviewer mostly describes the work behind the film and the few rating statements are positive. I'm pretty happy! I have to say that the people behind the site were very friendly and nice from the beginning. I wasn't spoiled when it comes to the response to my review requests -  they really made a warmhearted exception.
If you are a film and DVD lover, you will find the site itself very useful, for it contains tons of reviews, infos and news.

As for the Lune des Loups book project, I'm almost finished, yay! Only 3 pages left!

vendredi, août 26, 2011


Today I received the most negative Feedback so far, for the Vosgian Beast Film. It was from a long time friend. All while I appreciated that he's sincere rather than trying to avoid hurting my feelings, its of course painful to swallow. Also because of the length and the sheer amount of all the negative points. He even critiqued details like "too much flying dead leaves".
It was not totally unexpected tough, I knew that he's not really fond of classical stories. As an example, he totally dislike the Adventures of Tintin for their storylines (too classic and too trivial in his eyes) - therefore a more than classical story like the Vosgian Beast would not meet his taste. Still, its painful.
But I will get over it and it will of course in no way affect our friendship.

mercredi, août 24, 2011

Choice of language

"Lune des Loups" is advancing quite well. I may finish it in the first week of September, yay! It has still got to be proofread, of course.
I hope, I made the right choice when deciding that - at least for the first version - it will be in french. I did so because of the Arlon Festival, of course. But my professional counselor suggested that it may have been a better idea to publish it in German first, for French economy is really not well. I agree that I sell more in Germany than in France by now. A few years ago it was the opposite. I dunno. I don't have the time to re-write it all, anyway and I don't have the money to print two versions at this time. So I just have to hope.

I take great pleasure to draw in simple black-and white lines again. Sort of "back to the roots" feeling. Will make the book cheaper to buy. Probably a good thing.

dimanche, août 21, 2011

Blog Candy at Sefarina's WINDLEBEN

Dear and talented Sefarina has decided to offer an unique peace of her art at a drawing lot!
Watch the video to admire her work - isn't that beautiful?
I'm in, for sure.
If you want to participate too, here is the link to the post in question

Write a comment stating your intent to participate and do also write an entry into your own blog about it.
As a fair player I wish you all good luck - although I of course hope that I'll be the winner.

vendredi, août 19, 2011

Sick Monitor

Yesterday I discovered a tiny black spot in the lesser right corner of my computer monitor; Today, this black spot has grown and almost entirely covers the clock on the toolbar.

There's a sort of yellow glow surrounding the black hole, making it look even more frightening.
Any clue what that is? Antimatter? A black hole? 
Looks like my monitor has cancer or something. I hate the thought of being forced to buy a new monitor, if that thing grows bigger.

Sick Monitor

Yesterday I discovered a tiny black spot in the lesser right corner of my computer monitor; Today, this black spot has grown and almost entirely covers the clock on the toolbar.

There's also a sort of yellow glow surrounding the black hole; Any clue what that is? Antimatter? A black hole? 
Looks like my monitor has cancer or something. I hate the thought of being forced to buy a new monitor, if that thing grows bigger.

samedi, août 13, 2011

Dreambook 2012

Like every year at this season, I am beginning to work on my next year's Dreambook. The cover, with the mandatory collage of JFK and the moon is done:
The inside will be much more work. This is why it is wise to begin the task now.

vendredi, août 12, 2011

fall in Basel

It's definitely fall here in Basel. The leaves fly around and the air is mild, but not hot. Beautiful.
Next Wednesday I will go Home to France, therefore I will enjoy the last days of my vacation in Basel with long walks, another Meeting with Gaby and hopefully my Aunt, too.
Since the Swiss Franc is extremely strong and almost worth one Euro now, a lot of Swiss people are buying houses in France, so they say. Hence this would be the very best moment to advertise my house in Switzerland. I do it in every paper and Internet Site I'm aware of, and which are free or at low cost. Unfortunately, the most popular Real Estate Platforms like Immoscout or Homegate are very expensive to advertise in. For some obscure reason, people think that owing a house automatically equals to being rich. So I have to hope that the ads in the lesser known platforms will do the job.

Mom sent me these Pics from Home:

That's Minggy, our newest cat. He does so very well with the other cats now and is best friend with Benni. I'm looking forward to see the whole gang again.

I also received the good news that State of  Vosges approved my ask for subsidy - so I can attend to the Festival in Arlon in October. They will pay 80 percent of my expenses. Now, that's pretty cool! I would have gone to Arlon anyway, but now I can be much more relaxed. Even if I don't sell much, the whole thing will not ruin me.

lundi, août 08, 2011

A day like no other

Most of us had a best friend during childhood. So did I.
Some of us keep the friendship - sometimes during the whole life.

My best friend in childhood in Basel was a Girl named Gaby. She was born in the same year I was and  lived in the same building and on the same floor, but the entrance to her part of the building was on the other side of it. We shared the same balcony row tough, our balconies were  separated by another neighbor's one. When we leaned over the handrail, we could see each other.

We also shared the same Kindergarten, tough in two different classes. Then we shared the same elementary school, in the same class.

We played together, in the house and outside. We made long expeditions Trough Basel, its Parks, went down the Banks of the Rhine and she accompanied my Grandmother and me to our garden.

I really don't know what she found in me. I was an outsider, Shy and weak. She had her both feet on earth and in the same time, shared my dreams, my inner realm of creativity. I grew up and discovered the world trough my eyes and in the same time, could see it trough her eyes too, hence learning to evaluate it beyond my own impressions.

When I was 11, I had to move away from Basel because I got to live with my mom who worked an lived in Geneva. I visited Basel often, in holiday and over weekends and most of the time meet Gaby there. Nevertheless, our ways were slowly divided. My grandparents died, I moved away even farther and she grew into puberty, into other interests. And some day, the time with Gaby was nothing more than a precious memory from my personal "Dreamtime".

Decades went by. I did never forgot her and also never found a friend like her again. Sometimes, I played with the thought of trying to search for her, see if I can get back in contact. But I never had the courage.

Well, it was July 10, the day Georgie died, I received a message trough Facebook. It was Gaby who found me.
I can't describe what this meant to me. We exchanged a lot of long emails. We had more than 30 years to share - 30 years.
 I learned that she is married, has a son, dogs and mice. And that she was very ill not too long ago.

Yesterday, we finally met in person. She attended me at my little apartment in Basel. It was like in the past. I  went out in the hall, looking down the stairs, seeing her climbing them up. The first sight was incredible.
After a long talk in my living room we made a walk to our old schoolhouse and our old school-way: In fact, we made the same magical trip I did a year ago. But it was even more magical and enchanted.
We then visited her mom who still lives in their old apartment. For me, it was  a bit like coming home, for I could go into the house of my early childhood, up to the balcony and look outside. Never thought I'd  see this sight again:

Gabys Mom is still as warmhearted and nice I had her in mind. We had a long and pleasant time together. After this, Gaby and I went outside, visiting some other places of our Childhood. And just like in the past, when we so often stumbled upon some strange findings, we also found an oddity:

 Some twigs bound  into a cross. What the hell is that? Gaby suggested we may have some Clansmen in Basel who will burn this thing at night. OMGs - I hope not ;-)

A lot of things had changed. Already big trees back then are now regular giants. Silent, tall and majestic they grow into the sky, keeping the memory of us as children, as grown up women and probably still being there long after our departing.
The Rhine is a lot cleaner. In our time it was a dark and stinky soup of shit. Now its clear-green and not smelly anymore. The Birs, the little river that goes into the Rhine has been re-naturalized, meaning that the the banks are no longer made of boring stone-walls. Bushes and grass are growing there again, providing living space for birds and other animals.

Speaking of enhancement: You should have heard us talk: When we crossed the square at the bottom of our house I said that I find it comfortable that  nowadays its mandatory for drivers in Switzerland to stop at the pedestrian crossings when people are waiting there. 40 years ago, we'd had been flattened by the next car, with everybody saying that it was our fault and that's all. 

Gaby says its false security. Kids could think they're safe and blindly cross the road although a car may *not* stop. Well, of course. In our time, no Kid would have had such a crazy idea. we knew we had to look or we'd be death.
This lead us to the observation that my apartment in our house was cool in the way that I had a window facing the square which gave me the opportunity to witness all the tragic and bloody accidents that happened there during the 70ties. 

No, "our time" was no fun. It was a time of reckless destruction. In our very early childhood there were still old little houses with wild gardens surrounding our house. I remember how I played in one of these gardens with other kids at my birthday. 
One by one, these houses, the gardens, flowers and little, withered stone walls were destroyed, flattened under Beton and modern buildings. The old bridge over the Rhine was replaced by a big, ugly and loud motorway Bridge. Countless trees were cut down. 
Time came when every Lowlife who could scratch together a few thousand bucks or get a loan, bought a car.  Traffic increased, more and more accidents happened.. My Grandmother who  was special  in the way that she owned a car  - a women owning a car - was no longer an exception. 

This leads me to the conclusion that the "paradise" we remember was first of all, the paradise within ourselves. Together, we made it happen. And together, we made its resurrection happen. What  remained only as a memory deep in me, is now a living part of my present again. 

All what I can say is: If you have a best friend, take good care of her / him. You may have only one in your  life. 

samedi, août 06, 2011

Flea market

Today I took a long walk trough Basel and finished it by visiting the Flea-Market at the Petersplatz, which ist pretty popular. Found a lot of very cheap DVD's - this will make my mom happy, she is a passionate lover and collector of DVDs and movies.
The coming fall can not be overseen. Everywhere, leaves fly around and the trees get a tired color.

Fall may come very early this year, but I enjoy it, as every year. Air is so wonderful, I love the scent of the falling leaves and there's so much good dishes to eat now, like pumkins and mushrooms.

After the trip I went home and worked a lot on the "Wolves Moon" book: Progresses well!

mercredi, août 03, 2011

Wolves Moon

Since I am decided to take also a new printed work with me at the Festival in Arlon, I started a new book project: This one being a "comic without balloons" or something like that. Since I have a very short deadline, I had to put my current Film-Projects on hiatus.
The Book is entitled "Wolves Moon" and is in French. (Lune des Loups) It is a tale out from JFK's campaigning time. Wolves Moon is the name of a Territory in Americania: A wild and untamed land in the North West of the Country. A land where mammoths roam, and other pleistocene megafauna. Hence this Book gives me the opportunity to introduce a bit the Americanian Wildlife.
I will keep you updated about the creative process.

lundi, août 01, 2011

July over

Finally, the Exhibit-July is over. Yesterday, I arrived here in Basel, where I will stay for 2 weeks in order to get something like a bit of vacation.
I have some real active weeks behind me. Last one being the Exhibit in the Val d'Ajol. I was there every day, except Monday 25, when I traveled to Metz, meeting a representative of  Lorraine's Film department.

I sold one or two DVD's a day in the Val d'Ajol and an original drawing. Not really much. The Exhibit was not visited by as many people as when I last went there, in 1997. But it was nice. I meet some artists I already met 14 years ago. Like the one who does wooden figures, like these mushrooms:
I bought some, for these mushrooms are just too cool. He even offered me two.

Most of the visitors were elderly people who would merely be interested in the crafting goods, like hand made pearl charms or decorative plates . Therefore, a lot of artists who had paintings didn't sell anything at all and were pretty pissed off. So I think I can be satisfied by what I sold.

What annoyed me most - like at every exhibit / festival / connection whatever -  is the people who would come to your table with a "Oh you are drawing ? My son / grandchild / niece does also enjoy to draw"

Sincerely: What do these people expect me to answer to THAT? Really, I wish I had the right response, but I don't.
I mean, I don't know the child /relative in question, nor do I know his or her work. So what are I'm supposed to say?
I, for one, would *never* dare to approach an other artist at his table just to tell him of the talents of a relative of mine. To me this is a balant lack of respect. Because the artist attends this event to show HIS work in the first. If you are not interested in it, don't approach him at all.
Again, what am I supposed to respond ? "Wow, I didn't know that there is another living being out there who can draw, we should , meet immediately" or what ?

Oh my. I hate situations I can't deal with...

lundi, juillet 18, 2011

Next step in sight

The second screening of the Film attracted a lot less spectators of course. But at least, this time, the DVD player didn't give up, and two people bought the DVD. Also collected some addresses of people interested to receive news about my work.
Next Wednesday I will go in the Val d'Ajol installing "my" corner within the next Exhibit. The Art'Expo is held every year since over 25 years now, in the Val d'Ajol. A town I lived in for a year, after moving to France from Germany.

I was part of that Exhibit in 1997. Back then it was a real great experience. I sold a lot of comics, made new contact and had a lot of fun. I really don't know if this success can be repeated, after all, that was 14 years ago and things may have changed. But I do look forward for it. If it weren't for the fact that I'm profoundly exhausted by all these busy days.
After that, I really will enjoy my vacation in Basel.

Made a little commercial:

samedi, juillet 16, 2011

Good Start - Bad End

Well, yesterday, I had it the other way.

It  was the first public viewing of the Vosgian Beast Film. It was displayed on a big flat screen TV in a Basement hall of the Tourist's Office and meant to be the Highlight of the Exhibit.

I really didn't look forward for it. My main concern was that there would be no one attending the show, hence I'd sit there, alone, like a complete Idiot.
When I arrived, the Lady of the Office greeted me with a "There are already a lot of people down there". I was very surprised. And indeed: the room was filled and people kept coming. When it was time to start the film, new people still came in and the Office's Lady had to look for additional chairs. The late-comers stepped on the feet of the audience already there, causing angry comments. For one I hated the thought that the watchers were distracted from the film by some late guys, in the other hand it created that special Film-Theater ambiance and I started to feel myself like a real Filmmaker - for the first time.

As the Film evolved, the audience got deeper and deeper into it, laughed at the gags and was more and more drawn into the action. I could feel the dynamics of an increasing fascination and it was a gorgeous experience.
A moment long I really thought that I finally made it.

And then - all of a sudden - Film stood still and died. The DVD player gave up. The Office's Lady rushed by, tried to restart it, but every attempt failed. Here and there some hints were given from the audience, but none worked. It was horrible. The whole good atmosphere turned into anger and disappointment. Finally, the Office's lady gave up and suggested that people should come back the next day at the same time. She then would have fetched a new Player. Some people agreed, others said that they would not have the time.
Of course, no one bought the DVD. Mood was too poisoned. And I didn't feel like insisting, even tough it would have been the solution for those who missed the end and would not be able to attend the second show. But that's how psychology works. Disappointed audience is not likely to buy.
The Office's lady was even more shocked, upset and angry than me. "I could throw this rotten player outside the window and then stomp on it for hours" she said.
Well, I somehow almost expected such an incident. It was too good to be true, anyway. My usual bad luck *had* to strike again. (If someone of you knows a spell which gets me rid once for all from that fucking bad luck - please let me know!!)
So I will go down today and see who really will come back for a second try.
The Office's Lady said that she will plan an additional viewing in fall, and then "bring extra DVD Players as reserve and also some additional speakers to enhance the sound." I, in the other turn, will be better prepared, i.e bring flyers with me to hand out to the audience, so that people will be able to order the DVD later...
Despite all that bad luck, I'd say that the experience was a good one, for it showed that the Film has the potential to be appreciated by a larger audience. Even if that will not buy me any food by now, it is for sure a good sign.

jeudi, juillet 14, 2011

Bad start - good End

Well, I already wrote about how much difficulties I encountered in my attempt to get Press involved into my efforts to make the DVD known.
On Monday Evening the Tourists Office called to tell me that the Journalist of the local Newspaper who until then successfully avoided all contact with me, would meet me on Tuesday at the office for an Interview. Apparently the pressure both from Mrs. and Mr. Whitebeard as well as the Tourist Office was too strong and she had no choice.
We met at the Office. Frankly, it was Antipathy at first sight.
I admit that I was not free of anger, for she had so obviously showed her Non-Interest all this time. So when I saw her first, coming into the office loudly gorging the rests of a Sandwich, I couldn't but think that she's dumb and gross.
She went to the Offices Employee and said something like "I'm here to see Diane Kennedy".
Fuck, My name is Diana not Diane.
I introduced myself and instead of really greeting me, she started to moan on how hot it was in the office and how much she suffered from that. It was 24 degree outside, just for your information...
So we went down in  a room in the basement which was supposed to be cooler.
I ordered myself not to show my anger, that doesn't make anything better.
When she complained that she would have so less time to write the article, I couldn't hold me back and said that if she responded a bit earlier to all my attempts in getting in touch with her, she would have plenty of time, let alone that she would have been able to watch the film.
She then explained me how busy she was because her daughter made her exams and then there was Vacation to be prepared and after all, she does this job because she would get nutty otherwise, as a grand-mother with nothing to do.
Well...I tried to stay calm.
She then asked me the usual shit-questions like where I learned to draw, why I settled down in the Vosges Mountains and so on.
When we got deeper into the subject, I tried to explain what I do and why and often had the impression that she was totally exceeded by what I said. Nevertheless, the atmosphere between us got better and we finished the interview in a quite nice mood.
Today, Mr. Whitebeard knocked at my door and showed me the Newspaper with the article in it. I didn't expect much.
But - to my very big surprise, it came out really good. Hey, not good - in fact,  its just great. Obviously the woman did some research after our meeting, got informed about the subjects we talked about and finished by writing something really informative and interesting. There was no single error or false info - I'm used to at least one in such articles.
Even the photo she took of me is good, I'm not looking like a total idiot on it ;-)
So there was an unexpected good end to a story with a bad start. I'm still not quite sure if she really understood my work or even likes it, but for sure, she is professional enough to make a good article about it.

Will be a precious step-stone for me.

dimanche, juillet 10, 2011

Farewell to Georgie

While I am writing this, I still can't believe that that I have to write it.

A few hours ago all was still normal.
I was working in the kitchen. The cats were playing in the house, running up and downstairs. Suddenly, I heard a loud moaning. I first thought that there was a fight, because it sounded a bit like the groan a cat makes when facing a stranger cat. I looked at the staircase from where the noise came. Winzy was there, looking at something upstairs. His hair wasn't fuzzed up, so I realized that it was not him moaning nor was he angry. I climbed upstairs and saw little Georgie lying down on the floor, gasping and trembling, with eyes that stare trough me. I took him in my arms, cried, called for mom, carried him into the living room, where I sat down with him, holding him tight. He did a last few breaths and then died in my arms.

I can't describe the shock. He was perfectly fine this morning and all these days before. Not a single sign of illness. His hair was silky and shiny as always and his behavior perfectly normal. It looks like he was playing - like every morning - and during play, had a sudden heart failure.
Georgie was 11, this would equal to 60 years of a human.
Really, it reminds me of these cases we probably all heard of :   60 year old man, perfectly healthy, who did his daily run, wasn't overweighted and didn't smoke dies of a sudden heart-attack. And its so unexpected and a shock for all. I guess this just happens. With humans and cats.

I am aware of the fact that Georgie had a good fate. He didn't suffer long, he enjoyed life until his last moments. He never experienced how it is to loose his physical strength, to weaken and get down slowly.
Still, it hurts terribly.

I got Georgie as a tiny little kitten together with his sister Millie in 2000. The kittens took the place of the then departed Johnny Oddeye, a Cat I had for 15 years.
Georgie was always very kind, playful and sort of the family clown. I barely ever saw him angry or in whatever negative mood. With the ecxeption of  Gribis death, when he was obviously  mourning. Now we are mourning for him. This is the least thing I thought would happen today. Good Bye, Georgie, you will be missed so very very much...

samedi, juillet 09, 2011

New Plans

Tomorrow I will go to the Tourists Office in order to install the Exhibit. Not that I am expecting the slightest thing from that by now. Posters were sent out to lots of Shops and offices, but NO ONE did hang it out - unlike the posters for the exhibit that comes after mine, which you can already see here and there.

I am deeply frustrated by the huge blocking wall I encounter from the instances which are supposed to support me.
"Me" meaning a local artist who did a work about local folklore.
At least, Our Neighbors, Mrs. and Mr. Whitebeard did make a positive exception. I offered them a copy of the DVD days ago, as thanks for all the help during the time I had no car. Today, they came to me and said that they watched the movie with their daughter-in-law and she was so pleased that she wanted to buy a copy. Mrs. Whitebeard then asked if the Journalist of the local Paper will do an article. I told her what happened and that the Journalist was merely blocking all my attempts of getting in touch with her. Mrs. Whitebeard then said that she will contact her too and try to convince her to do an article.

This is very nice and I really appreciate it. To be honest, all while I know that Mrs. Whitebeard is a very decent person, I didn't knew she could go this much for my art.

Anyway, as I said, I don't have the slightest expectations anymore in that tourist office Exhibit, the obstacles are too great. So I made further plans. I will attend the Comic Festival in Arlon, Belgium in October this year. This will give me something to look forward and hoping for.

mercredi, juillet 06, 2011

This gonna be a busy month

I'm just coming back from Basel.
Usually it takes me one or two days of rest to get over the stress of that journey - but tomorrow, I have to go off again, to a Kinesiology seance, for my back.
And Sunday I'll have to go to the tourist office, preparing the Exhibit that will take place there during the next week. After that I will have one week of Exhibition in the Val d'Ajol.
These Exhibits always give me mixed feelings. For one, I do a lot to get them, for I know how important exposure is and in the other hand I hate going amongst people, for I am deeply sociophobic. So July 15, when the Film will be publicly displayed is just a horrible thought for me.

Speaking of horrible: the tourist's office made a promotional poster for the exhibit and the film show. Well, they gave it to a a "Graphic students in internship".
That is what came out:

If you can read french, the first thing you probably noticed is the huge amount of spelling errors. Beginning with the"Diana Kenedy" in the upper-left corner.  But that is just the beginning. There a LOT more spelling errors in this little text.
You don't need to read french to see the bad composition of the poster as such, the shitty fonts used, the image of the beast drowning in the black background... There isn't said with ONE word that the whole exhibit is about a film, so the the "public display" phrase will make no sense to the watcher who doesn't know.

What truly annoys me is that the folks at the Tourists office were okay with this crappy work. Do I deserve this less?
I did of course protest and sent them an example on how I would have done the poster If I was asked to do it:
It may not be a big deal either, but at least it says what it is about and keeps spelling errors within a reasonable amount.
At least, they agreed that my poster is better and decided to use it instead of the crap made by the student.

However, the "Diana Kenedy" Error on the students work did remind me the strange sign I saw in October 2011, you may remember.

I don't really have big expectations in these Exhibitions. People around here seem mostly to be exceeded and somehow clueless by and about my work, especially the film. I contacted over 10 newspaper and radio stations about the exhibit and got not a single one response. I mean they usually make big articles about stuff a lot more trivial, but my work seem to be of absolutely no interest. 

Minggy, the little red kitten we adopted a week ago is doing very fine. There's no hissing anymore, he plays with the old cats now. He is especially good friends with Benni:

lundi, juin 27, 2011


To make a long story short: Since the death of our red cat Wincent around 1995 we - and especially my mom - dreamt about finding another red cat. Winzy met the color a bit, but not really, he's more tan/ light brown.
Today the veterinarian's assistant called us and told us "its urgent, we have a red kitten that was promised for someone - who does not want it anymore. Since you are looking for a red cat, come and pi ck it up".
Well, we didn't exactly looking *actively* for it. Not now. We have already six cats.
But dumb as we are, we didn't say no.

And now I have this little red hairball in my house:

The other cats don't think he's cute and hiss at him. And Minggy is not like the average timid kitten who will just bear all the hissing and growling until it stops and then be friends with the big cats. He hisses back. Heavily. And he growls.
Right now he is more belligerent than the "native" cats. Oh...these coming days will be very, very special...

samedi, juin 25, 2011

First Sequence converted.

Today I finished to convert the last scene of the Intro Sequence in Thyla.

But this is just a stop. I have more than 60 clips left. All to be reworked from the 4:3 format into large 16:9
Lots of backgrounds to redraw, but also lot of animation work to improve.
Meanwhile, my freshly bought Vegas Movie Studio 10 - well "fresh" meaning last November - tells me, that there's a new version and wants me to upgrade. *Sigh* Why do Software evolve this quickly nowadays? Guess what? I will just wait and see what users say in the forums about Vegas 11 before I consider the upgrade. Because usually, in such short upgrade times, there is no real improvement done.

mardi, juin 21, 2011

A happy Summer's Solstice

It's hard to believe that the first half of year is already over - wasn't it yesterday we celebrated Yule?
 The mellow Midsummer will end, the hot High Summer will take place.

As for me, the first months of the year were mainly marked by the work on the film and by the illness of my mom - she had Herpes Zoster and is still struggling against it.
Interesting enough, the hooning by the Asshole-neighbors played a minor role, at least since a good couple of time and until now. I don't know what calmed them down , but it was effective.
However, we still want to leave. Too big is the fear that it could all start again. There's no such thing as an asshole-free neighborhood. We need a place which by its nature, is out of reach for such individuals.

So now let's see what the second half of the year will bring.

A blessed and wonderful Solstice to al of you!

lundi, juin 13, 2011


Everyone who ever published a book (or a DVD - or any other cultural good) will know that the most difficult part of the whole process is to find resellers and distributors.
As for the Vosgian Beast DVD, I was pretty lucky, because I found a German Distributor in no time: It's Edelstern:

So if you live in Germany and still don't own the DVD, the very best address for you is the link above. If you live in Switzerland, you may contact They carry the DVD, too.

I'm getting more and more involved in my new projects. Slacking time is over!

samedi, juin 11, 2011

What a find

When I was in Basel days ago, I originally planned to go to my art shop buying some Ecoline Inks I was out of. I somehow missed to go to the shop as I had heavy back-pain and it would have been an extra hike.
But since I was in the area I visited the second-hand shop. There's always something to discover there. Big was my surprise when I saw a few pots of Ecoline there - and almost exactly the colors I was out of!
The price? 2 Swiss francs instead of 6,50! Kind of a saving, isn't it!? How good I wasn't in the art-shop before!
At home I had a closer look and saw the old-fashion labels:

The red pot on the left is the second hand one and the pot in the right is one I regularly bought in the art-shop.
These second-hand pots must be old then. But they are unopened. I guess someone bought them years ago and never used them.
However. A big find for me.
I am slowly returning to work and my new projects. As there is the Film Thyla. I decided to rebuild it entirely in Vegas and in wide-screen Format. So I take the source-artwork of every scene and rebuild it in the new format. This requires me to repaint some backgrounds. But I think it is worth the extra-work.

jeudi, juin 09, 2011

random thoughts

The mood you are in when between two projects can be weird.
Yesterday, I tried to commit suicide by eating a salad I bought in a German supermarket. It didn't work.
Today, I worked hard to achieve all the task on my To-Do List for the Promotion of the DVD. Several people do help me and I think the least I can do to show my gratitude is to do any effort possible on my side, too.

Other than this, the Garden is gorgeous now. A lot of Raspberries to be collected in the endless midsummer light.  Violent thunderstorms, too. Rain, cold wind. Colored my hair into dark.  Bought Anime Studio 8 - not the big leap forward it promised to be, but okay. Dollar is cheap as dirt now, so it wasn't a big expense.

mercredi, juin 08, 2011

...And the Winner is...

3 Readers went into the drawing lot pool for the original art and L'actrice was the lucky one. Congratulations to you and many thanks for participating to the others.

mercredi, juin 01, 2011

DVD released

Wheeew! What a day!
While I was eating my dinner with Mom, a big Truck stopped at our house. I knew what it was. And indeed: The whole stock of the DVD copies!
I cannot describe the feeling when I opened the first box and saw all these beautiful DVD cases. Now the Discs just had to work, too! We immediately stuffed one in the DVD player. I never was this anxious in my life. But the whole thing played well and the quality is wonderful. Of course, I could not test the whole shippment, but I don't think I accidentally picked out the only good copy among a load of damaged ones.

So here we go, the DVD is officially released and can be ordered either on my site: or trough Amazon France, here:

Amazon may be more comfortable if you have already an account there. It's Amazon France, but the DVD is the same one with the English and the German Versions, too! If you go trough Amazon, don't forget to leave a rating or even a comment. It would be very much appreciated.

And here is the Trailer:

lundi, mai 30, 2011

Blog anniversary - Blog Candy

Today it has been 6 years, since this blog exist. First post is from May 30, 2005.
6 years of Sun over Stonehenge - with some long periods of hiatus, tough.
Nevertheless, a reason to celebrate it a bit.

So there is a little Blog candy for you today! This original drawing:

will be given away to a lucky reader via drawing lot!
The drawing was made for the Bonus Material included in the Vogesian Beast DVD. It depicts JFK taking a little rest while travelling trough the Pyrenees. As statet, it is an unique piece, an original. The art was made with colored inks, brushes and pencils. Who knows ? It may even be worth a few bucks when I'm dead.
The rules are the usual ones in such cases:
* write a comment, saying you want to participate.
* Link to this post in your blog or facebook wall.

That's all. I will do the drawing lot next Monday evening, in Basel. So deadline is Next Monday, 18:00h

dimanche, mai 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Again an other year.
Thank you for being my muse,
my guiding light,
warm and strong as the morning sun.
Thank you for being patient,
for your contradictiions,
for your teachings.
You let me see,
the grandeur that is in little things.
Thank you for showing me

the beauty of the world.

vendredi, mai 27, 2011

Commercial calls

This early morning I attended the dentist. While he was drilling my tooth, his cell phone got a call. The assistant answered and apparently, tried in vein to find out what the caller wanted. She then handed the phone over to the doctor. Maybe a patient in distress who couldn't barely speak?
It quickly turned out that it was a commercial call.
"No, I am not interested" I heard the doc repeating "I have a patient right now in my chair"  - with a more and more angry tone.
He tried hard to get rid of that person, but she obviously insisted. He finally got upset and shut down the phone.
"I hate being forced to be impolite" he said "but it was the only way to get rid of her. Those commercial calls get more and more aggressive."
"Should become impolite a lot earlier" would I have answered, if  didn't  had this much stuff in my mouth, keeping me in gargling but speechless.

Commercial calls are annoying, but I think that this one really got a bit far. Calling a Dentist at work and even insisting! 
What was your most annoying commercial call?

mercredi, mai 25, 2011

Unexpected obstacle

Wolfgang Mittendorfer, the Composer of the Soundtrack in the Vosgian Beast Film didn't charge any fee for his wonderful work . Instead of that, he just asked that I add the movie to the international Movie database. He said: "a lot of producers "forget" this step." But it's be important, because it would add a new reference to his list. His official imdb Site hence displays much less films than he actually was part of.
Well, when I heard that I said to myself "what a bunch of lazy idiots". To me, referencing the film to as much databases as possible is a  self-understanding thing to do.
I then opened an account at imbd com and started to go to the submission process. Well, I quickly discovered that the form to be filled out is more complex, annoying and difficult than a tax declaration. I'm working on it since a couple of days, spending most of the time with the reading of the help pages, in the hope to finally understand what the fuck they want me to answer.
Above all, its not even sure that the whole effort will be rewarded. They can refuse an entry, if they think that the film is not eligible. There are a few mandatory requirements : The film must be accessible to open public, yes, DVD counts, als long as it is available trough Amazon. It is. Or will be. So okay for that. Second is more difficult : There must be an existing Third-Party Site about the Film. Such as a Fanpage at Facebook or similar.

Well, I never had fans, at least not at a level that they would bother creating a site about my work. And there will probably never be.
Its quite bitter that the submission process  fails because of this. I mean, I worked so hard, did all what I could by myself in order to not depend on other's good will.
But it's apparently  not possible to get anywhere without the support of others.