dimanche, janvier 02, 2011

The star of the show.

We passed a very good December 31. The Star of the evening was - well, our new fireplace.

Our former one was more than 100 years old.
We "inherited" it in Germany, as it was part of the furniture in the farm we rented back in 1990. We took it with us to France in 1996. Since one or two years, it began to slowly decay. It made a hell of a smoke when fired up and I was pretty concerned about the health of our lungs.
In early December, some pieces in the inner side began to fall down and so I took the decision to spend the very last bits of my inheritance for a new one. After some hours of browsing trough the offers in the internet I finally got stuck with an oven sold at Ebay. It had the advantage of being shipped - we cannot load a 60 Kilo Oven into our little car, you know.
I ordered and paid the fireplace on December 16. The seller shipped it the next day. Days passed and there was no delivery.
Okay. We had this heavy snowfall then and since I knew that there was even an interdiction for trucks to roll, I accepted the fact that delivery would be delayed. But even when the weather got better, there was no fireplace at our door. I then called the shipping company. The lady there was pretty snippy : "Did you look outside the window" she said "it snows".
"Yes" I replied. "I did have a look outside, go figure. And aside of snow I also see that there are cars rolling and even transporters."
"We do not deliver to your flat this quickly anyway" she said. "We wait until we have other goods for your area.
I replied that this was not acceptable for a shipping fee over 55 Euros! She said that she would call me back for news on January 3. Oh my.
I mailed the whole story to the seller. It wasn't his fault but I wanted to let him know that the transporting company he works with is all but reliable in my eyes. About a half hour later, I got a call from the shipping company. "You will get the item today."
I was relieved. And really, the new fireplace was in our house the same day. Maybe our worker wold have the time to come the next day and install it? He did. It was December 31 and he came and he even made a trip to Epinal to get the new pipes we needed for the oven.
In the evening, the fireplace warmed the room. We got into the new year with a new fireplace. I took it as a good sign for 2010.
The new Oven is great. It's much bigger and we can use even real big logs. No need to cut down every piece of wood into matches in order to make it fit for the oven.

What I like best is that big transparent door trough which you can see the fire. Wow!

3 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

Looks lovely & warm!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Oh yes, it is.

2woelfe a dit…

Have a very good new year, Diana! Your Oven looks absolutely great - especially with this handsome cat in front of it. :)