samedi, janvier 29, 2011

Sweet night

I am still working like hell. Almost no time for breathing.
Last night I had a wonderful connection-dream with JFK. You know, the kind of encounter that makes your day but can't tell in detail, in order to keep my (and his) privacy. But it surely made me happy and excited. Maybe a premature Imbolc Gift? Last year, I had this sort of dreams around and at Imbolc, too.
Really, nights like this and the long lasting feeling afterwards make all the little and big annoyances look insignificant. It reminds me that I should be grateful for all the things I have and the joy that is around me.

Imbolc: I am looking forward for it. It's the festival of the candles - for me as a candle lover a highlight in the year.

4 commentaires:

Bodecea a dit…

Ich mag die Zeit um Imbolc auch sehr. So deutlich spürbar, wie das Licht wiederkommt. Die dunkelsten drei Monate des Jahres sind bald vorbei!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Ja, Imbolmc ist eines der schönsten jahresfeste überhaupt.

Feronia a dit…

Hi Diana,

For some weird reason my email to you bounced back to me. I am still working on how to record my voice!

Feronia :)

President Snow a dit…

So glad you had such a nice time with you in his dream. Sorry I'm commenting on time like I usually do. Been caught up in life!