lundi, février 28, 2011

The Price is high

The more I am approaching the End of the film, the more I start to do all the non-art work related to it. Often an annoying work but which has to be done.
One of it is to find the final selling price of the DVD. It is a stressful task. Because no matter how you count it, no matter how less revenue you plan for yourself and your collaborators, the DVD will end up - pretty expensive.
This is mainly due to two causes:
1. The number of copies produced. Just like the printing of books, 10000 copies are cheaper per copy than 500. But not only do I lack the storing space for 10'000 copies, also would it be probably way too much for what I can expect to sell and also will the costs nevertheless be too important.
2. Distributors earnings. A Distributor will ask a discount of 50% of the retail price. And that is the biggest headache. In order to still make a profit - as little as it may be - you will have to make a high retail price.

Of course, the higher the price, the less people will buy the product. They will compare it to other DVD and see that any big Hollywood Film is much cheaper than my 20 Minute Indie-Production. Only a few will be aware of the fact that the Hollywood DVD was produced in at least a million of copies, making the production costs per copy so low that they actually CAN sell it to a  low price.

mercredi, février 23, 2011


Winzy and Benni are well so far. They pretty much behave as usual today and aside from a few moments, when I think that they were a bit in pain, I guess that they are feeling good.
I spoil them as much as I can.

I know that there are still people who are skeptical - if not clearly opposed -  to neutering pets.
Let me explain why I am all for it.
First, my cats are indoor cats. Cats in heat that live indoor will make the life of their owner very messy. And if they can go out, they will roam far away from the home, fighting with other Tom-Cats, being at Risk of getting wounded, picking up diseases and being flattened on the road.
If you have a female, she will come home with neat but probably unwanted little surprises.
Last but not least I don't want my cats adding their share to the problem of them countless, unwanted kittens that are born every spring and fall and who will end up either dying young from accidents, illness and parasites or even getting killed.
If you don't want to breed them, have your pets fixed. They will have a peaceful and healthy life then.

mardi, février 22, 2011

Difficult day for Benni and Winzy

This morning I had to carry Benni and Winzy to the vet in order to have them fixed.
They are 8 months old now, and it was about time.
Like every morning they both came to wake me up on 7:30. But instead of receiving their breakfast  as usual, I kept them starving, just swallowed my coffee and a few bits of toast and then stuck them into the transportation cages.
Really, I hate so much doing this sort of thing. Reminds me of my own early childhood trauma.
Right now, the surgery is probably done and they are asleep. I can take them home today at 16:30.
Really, I can't wait to have them home again, next to the fireplace, feeding hem some extra goodies.


I'll update this entry this evening, when they are home.

They are home now. All went well, they are still very dizzy, tough.

mardi, février 15, 2011

Cervine confusion

Speaking of language confusion, One of my favorite OMGs-how-stupid-stupid-stupid thingies is the fact that probably 90%  - if not more -  of german speaking people think that  "Elk" is the english word for the german "Elch".
It's not.
An Elch is a Moose.

An Elk, in the other hand,  is a Wapiti-Hirsch.  They live in Northern America and Siberia.
You can see that there is a huge difference between the 2 species. By he way: "Irish Elk" is a name given to the now extinct Megaloceros Giganteus, because the remains of this cervine are often found in Ireland.
Years ago, a german Ice-Hockey Club named "The Elks" asked me to draw a logo for them. An Elk, of course. I asked them if they are aware what an Elk really is and therefore, if they wanted me to draw a Wapiti. No, they wanted a Moose. Of course. Whaddaya expect.
One of my worst jobs ever, for I had to support a popular confusion in its dirty expansion. I needed the money, so I did it. We are all whores at some time.

Okay. While the confusion Elk / Elch can be forgiven due to the similarity of the words and the fact there are no Elk in Europe, there's even much greater Sins in that field.
According to a poll, 62% of German Kids think that a roe-deer (Reh) is the female of the Stag (Rothirsch).
A confusion that is probably also due to the fact that german versions of american movies refer pretty much any deer-like creature in these films as "Reh". Well, it may be a Whitetail Deer or a Mule-Deer, or an Elk - whatever -  but not a Reh, not a Roe-Deer.
Roe-Deer do not live in America.

As a passionate Cervine enthusiast, I am appalled by the little knowledge and interest most people apparently have in Wildlife.

samedi, février 12, 2011

Corn Salad

When I seed out Corn salad in autumn, I often tend to forget that the harvest in the coming weeks is not the final one.

Today Mrs. Whitebeard came to us and said "Since when have you been in your garden? Because there's plenty of Corn Salad ready to be taken". Well, I was in the garden a few days ago, but I didn't see it. My mom fetched up a pot and came back with a huge load of freshly cut corn salad. Really, I tend to forget that. Corn salad is the very first thing that grows in our garden. It's this early, you wouldn't believe it. Between the cold earth, the remaining snow patches and all the wet and half frozen mud, Last years corn salad grows with wild strenght. Corn salad is one of my preferred salads and its a nice thing this delicacy can be harvested this early in year. So we had our first meal from the garden, today.
Other than that, I am still working and the days have not enough hours I would need in order to really progress. I am afraid that I will not be able to finish the project by the end of february.

mercredi, février 09, 2011

Western Front

After having been in Basel at the beginning of the Month, I can return there Friday. The landlord finally agreed to replace the old oven and someone has to be present in the apartment during installation. So happy that I will be able to flee out for the weekend. The Hooning here is worse than ever, because its now mainly during the night. And early in the morning, their dog starts to bark from 5:00 until 8:00, making sure no one in the area will get any continuous sleep.
Its not easy to work under such conditions. But I have to, I guess.
As for the Film, I am now working on some really tricky scenes. First time since I work on that project that I have this "hope it's soon done, because I'm getting tired of it" feeling.
While I'm writing this, I'm getting aware of the fact that I obviously don't have much new things to tell about.  So well, it's merely a way to say "hello, I'm still alive, thank you". :-)

mercredi, février 02, 2011


To all of you, I wish you a very blessed Imbolc. 
May Brighid provide you with health, creativity and poetry in your life.