mardi, février 15, 2011

Cervine confusion

Speaking of language confusion, One of my favorite OMGs-how-stupid-stupid-stupid thingies is the fact that probably 90%  - if not more -  of german speaking people think that  "Elk" is the english word for the german "Elch".
It's not.
An Elch is a Moose.

An Elk, in the other hand,  is a Wapiti-Hirsch.  They live in Northern America and Siberia.
You can see that there is a huge difference between the 2 species. By he way: "Irish Elk" is a name given to the now extinct Megaloceros Giganteus, because the remains of this cervine are often found in Ireland.
Years ago, a german Ice-Hockey Club named "The Elks" asked me to draw a logo for them. An Elk, of course. I asked them if they are aware what an Elk really is and therefore, if they wanted me to draw a Wapiti. No, they wanted a Moose. Of course. Whaddaya expect.
One of my worst jobs ever, for I had to support a popular confusion in its dirty expansion. I needed the money, so I did it. We are all whores at some time.

Okay. While the confusion Elk / Elch can be forgiven due to the similarity of the words and the fact there are no Elk in Europe, there's even much greater Sins in that field.
According to a poll, 62% of German Kids think that a roe-deer (Reh) is the female of the Stag (Rothirsch).
A confusion that is probably also due to the fact that german versions of american movies refer pretty much any deer-like creature in these films as "Reh". Well, it may be a Whitetail Deer or a Mule-Deer, or an Elk - whatever -  but not a Reh, not a Roe-Deer.
Roe-Deer do not live in America.

As a passionate Cervine enthusiast, I am appalled by the little knowledge and interest most people apparently have in Wildlife.

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caroona a dit…

I cannot pretend to be an expert in the english words for animals of this family. But then I almost never say things I am not sure about because one of the worst things that could happen to me is being embarrassed by having said something stupid. If I am not sure about something I ask. A lot. Or I stay quiet.

I remember Jamie Oliver did a series of programs on eating in the US and he asked children what several fruit and vegetables were. Very. Very. Depressing.

Julie a dit…

My cousin is a park ranger in Montana, USA. Someone gave his baby son an alphabet book that said "D is for deer" but had a picture of an elk, calling it a "deer." My cousin was not happy about this.

Geier a dit…

Als meine Mutter (vor vielen Jahren) zum ersten mal die Eltern meines Vaters besuchte wunderte sie sich warum im Stall so viele Stiere rumstehen und keine Kühe. Sie dachte weibliche Rinder haben keine Hörner, nur männliche - Naja, sie ist in der Stadt aufgewachsen, bei der Landbevölkerung war sie damit allerdings unten durch.

KG a dit…
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Bodecea a dit…

Schon zu meiner Grundschulzeit gab es einen Jungen, der Hühner mit vier Beinen zeichnete - und das auf dem Dorf! Na ja, der ist ja auch später Wirtschaftswissenschaftler geworden ;-).


Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona: I can easily imagine that results would not be any better amongst children in Euope, too.
I remember how my Grandma sent me to Kindergarten with a Banana and an apple.
As I can observe, todays Kids take chocolate bars and other sweets with them - said to be healthy in TV commercials.
@Jultie: Eeeew, such things make me upset, too. Its frightening how many falshood you can often find especially in educative Books for children.
@Geier: na, und viele Leute glauben ja auch, dass ein "Rind" eine Kuh sei, die noch nicht gekalbt hat. dass es der Artname ist, scheint sich erst langsam rumzusprechen.

@Bodecea: Zum glück gibts das BWL Studium - als Auffangbecken für alle lebesfremden Deppen.

Geier a dit…

Ein Huhn mit vier Beinen hat aber was :)) sozusagen ein Baby-Greif...

President Snow a dit…

Oh than you for this. I love cervines, but sadly don't have much knowledge so far in my life. Mine does not have to do with language issues, but more just focusing my research on other things. I agree that is apalling though. They are all such beautiful creatures.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@President Snow. Knowledge may come trough the years. We cannot do all things at one time.