mardi, février 22, 2011

Difficult day for Benni and Winzy

This morning I had to carry Benni and Winzy to the vet in order to have them fixed.
They are 8 months old now, and it was about time.
Like every morning they both came to wake me up on 7:30. But instead of receiving their breakfast  as usual, I kept them starving, just swallowed my coffee and a few bits of toast and then stuck them into the transportation cages.
Really, I hate so much doing this sort of thing. Reminds me of my own early childhood trauma.
Right now, the surgery is probably done and they are asleep. I can take them home today at 16:30.
Really, I can't wait to have them home again, next to the fireplace, feeding hem some extra goodies.


I'll update this entry this evening, when they are home.

They are home now. All went well, they are still very dizzy, tough.

3 commentaires:

Bodecea a dit…

Ich verstehe dich gut! Alles Gute den beiden.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Danke - sie haben es soweit gut überstanden.

Feronia a dit…

Hope they are both returned safe and well now :)