mercredi, mars 30, 2011

Duck and Cover!

Okay, in order to justify the title, here's the Duck:

And now, let's talk about the cover.
As you may know, a lot of Comics and illustrated books have their cover done by an other artist than the one who did the inside. For a good reason: Cover Art is something special, it requires skills that the artist who may be  good at comic pages and story-telling Illustrations, lack. 
This is also the case for me. My covers usually suck.  If I could afford it, I'd hire an artist for them. Especially now, for the Cover of the DVD of  La Bête des Vosges.

Yes, I have FINISHED the Film! Last scene was achieved two days ago! After 2 years of work, that was kind of a great moment, believe me!

But there's still plenty of work to do, review the audio-tracks, build up the DVD with its menus and so on. 
And of course, doing the Cover of the DVD.
The quality of the Cover will decide upon how much the DVD will get attention in a store and how much the potential buyer will be ready to give it a try.
Well, since I can't afford to pay a cover artist, I'd have to do it myself. In order to get the best out of this limited resource, I did two versions and ask you - yes YOU - to rate them. 
Which of these two would you choose?
* Which one would be more likely to draw your attention to the DVD?
* Would you suggest a completely other design? If yes, which one? 
* Any other ideas?
I will gladly study any critique. Please don't be afraid to offend me or hurt my feelings. This is not about my ego, this is about trying to create the best possible cover. (click on the images to see them in bigger size)

Version 1

lundi, mars 21, 2011


Today is Ostara /Alban Eilir - the vernal equinox. One of my favorite pagan festivals. And the weather does fine! Sunshine and blooming flowers everywhere add to the perfect Ostara Feeling.

Aside of the illness of my mother, I experience a very positive spring, that is not always the case. Often, this time in year is a bit difficult for me (for whatever reason).
I wish you all a very blessed and pleasant Ostara and a great start into spring.

vendredi, mars 18, 2011

I love the news.

We learned that a nuclear plant can explode on a daily base without causing any major damage. When radioactivity is increased, it will always decrease within the coming few hours. In order to prevent a meltdown of nuclear fuel, use a garden hose to spill some water on it. This works.
I really don't know what's the point of  all you anti-nuke geeks. Every garden wind wheel is more dangerous.

Well, this all makes Fukushima boring. We need true action. And we get it. A new war! In Libya this time. Yay for plenty of new dramatic pictures in the news!

mercredi, mars 16, 2011

My Iphone

It may be inappropriate to talk about such things in these times - but heck, there's nothing I can do against Fukushima, so I'm enjoying my little, daily pleasures.
My Mom has a cell-phone subscription since more than a decade, with two devices included, one for her and one for me. Since these phones had become very old now, it was time to choose a set of new ones. Since a long time, she dreamt about an Ihone, and therefore, even tough it raised the subscription price, she decided to offer us two of them.
I never had an apple device before and only had heard about them "apps" you can download in order to enlarge the phones functions.
Well, I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I have my Iphone for 2 weeks now and I'm totally  addicted. Its really fun. Yes, I know that its not really necessary - all we *really* need is a possibility to make mobile calls. I also know that a lot of these apps are nonsense or useless crap. Still, its fun and since my inner child is not dead yet, I enjoy it.
An app I really like is the "vintage camera" allowing you to make videos in the style of a 1920, 1930 or 1960 camera. So creative and fascinating.
Bellow is Winzy, in an early color movie:

Winzy 1930 - MyVideo

By the way: Where to go with old cell phones? I knew I can't throw them in the trash bin, so I looked on the web - and found a company that buys old, even broke cell phones. Transaction went fine and instead of Trash, I got a few bucks. So if you have old cell phones  - check out the web for  phone-buying companies in your country. And do compare their offers! Some pay more than others.

mardi, mars 15, 2011

Fukushima and the year 1356

What have Japanese people of 2011 and Basilean People of 1356 in common?
They live on an tectonic active place, but didn't expect an earthquake this strong.

 The earthquake that occurred on October 18, 1356 in the region of Basel is the strongest historically documented earthquake in central Europe.“ say the scientist about the Earthquake that stroke Basel in 1356. 
The upper Rhine is an active region - until today. During my childhood, I experienced a lot of little earthquakes - little, but still strong enough to break flower-pots and windows.
We all know that a bigger earthquake - like in 1356 or even stronger - can occur at any time. maybe in 200 years, maybe within the next five minutes. A lot of experts agree that we would be in deep shit then.

This is why I'm upset every time I hear politicians telling us that Fukushima "could not happen in central Europe, because we don't have earthquakes".
Well, we do.
When a possible big earthquake will destroy the Chemical Industry in Basel, it will not add to our comfort. Sure. But it's what can happen to the nearby  nuclear plants that will probably ruin your day.

mardi, mars 08, 2011

E10 - "organic" doesn't always mean "good".

You probably already heard about the new and "ecological" fuel E10 that will be introduced in Europe from now on. Sure you did. It's in the news everywhere. A lot of people avoid it, because they fear that it may cause damages to their vehicle.
I didn't even check by now if that shit would actually harm my Renault Clio or not.
While I am certainly not amused by the thought that it may eat parts of the motor - I have even more fundamental objections to it.
Organic-fuel is a no go for me.
Using fossil energy like oil is already a bad thing, but using plants is even worse. I don't want to pour gas that was made from crops into my tank, when people are dying from hunger in the same minute. Really. I am usually not the kind of person that throws the hungry-african-babies argument in every discusson-ring, but this is just too perverted.
Plants need space to grow. This space is scarce and will become even more rare.  If it is more rentable to grow "fuel" than food, because people with cars will pay more than people with empty stomaches, than we are really on the road's end.
Calling E10 "ecological" is just cynical.

As long as I can, I will boycott E10 and make clear that it is FIRST because of the ethical problems and not because I fear for my car.