mardi, mars 08, 2011

E10 - "organic" doesn't always mean "good".

You probably already heard about the new and "ecological" fuel E10 that will be introduced in Europe from now on. Sure you did. It's in the news everywhere. A lot of people avoid it, because they fear that it may cause damages to their vehicle.
I didn't even check by now if that shit would actually harm my Renault Clio or not.
While I am certainly not amused by the thought that it may eat parts of the motor - I have even more fundamental objections to it.
Organic-fuel is a no go for me.
Using fossil energy like oil is already a bad thing, but using plants is even worse. I don't want to pour gas that was made from crops into my tank, when people are dying from hunger in the same minute. Really. I am usually not the kind of person that throws the hungry-african-babies argument in every discusson-ring, but this is just too perverted.
Plants need space to grow. This space is scarce and will become even more rare.  If it is more rentable to grow "fuel" than food, because people with cars will pay more than people with empty stomaches, than we are really on the road's end.
Calling E10 "ecological" is just cynical.

As long as I can, I will boycott E10 and make clear that it is FIRST because of the ethical problems and not because I fear for my car.

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Dryade a dit…

Du sagst es: Ein Teufelzeug !!
Nun fressen auch unser Autos den Menschen die die Nahrung weg und für den Anbau von Zuckerrohr ->Ethanol werden mal wieder riesige Flächen Regenwald gerodet (wie schon für Palmöl)...
Das ist alles andere als Bio *seufz*...

Geier a dit…

Eine direkte Folge von diesem "Biosprit" ist, das immer mehr Anbauflächen von Reis etc für die Ölgewinnung verloren gehen. Bereits jetzt sind die Lebensmittelpreise enorm gestiegen und für Leute in der "dritten Welt" kaum noch zu bezahlen - da gabs ja auch schon entsprechende Unruhen.
Purer sinnloser Aktionismus wie bei den Energiesparlampen die Sondermüll sind, das Debakel mit der Solarenergie, die Feinstaubhysterie...
Was mich aber zusätzlich anwidert ist das Verhalten der hiesigen Opposition. Erst zustimmen und jetzt empört dagegen sein - ein verlogener, scheinheiliger, selbstgefälliger Haufen von populistischen Gesinnungsnazis!

Bodecea a dit…

Stimme ich dir völlig zu! Ok wäre es für mich, wenn nur Pflanzenabfall zu Alkohol vergoren und so genutzt würde (sprich: Biomüll, Abfall bei der Holzverarbeitung, Abfall bei der Nahrungsmittelproduktion etc). Aber so - näää.


Julie a dit…

Is E10 ethanol? Because I'm not so sure that the kind of corn used to make ethanol is the same kind used to feed people.

Mauser*Girl a dit…

@ Julie - yes, E10 is ethanol. It's what they use to describe fuel that has 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline.

In the US, E10 is pretty much a standard on every fuel pump. About 2/3 of all pumps have E10 gasoline, and there is no modification needed to use this in your vehicle.

@ Diana - the ethanol can be made from a variety of renewable crops, such as corn and potatoes.

They are also working with cellulosic ethanol, which is made from non-edible parts of plants (and wood) cellulose.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Geuier: Stimme Dir zu, insbesondere auch was die Haltung der Opposition betrifft.

@mauser*Girl/ It may be different in America. Here, from all what I know, whole fields are planted ONLY for fuel use. No separation of non-edible parts are done. We have fields not far away from here who grow crops entirely for fuel production.