mardi, mars 15, 2011

Fukushima and the year 1356

What have Japanese people of 2011 and Basilean People of 1356 in common?
They live on an tectonic active place, but didn't expect an earthquake this strong.

 The earthquake that occurred on October 18, 1356 in the region of Basel is the strongest historically documented earthquake in central Europe.“ say the scientist about the Earthquake that stroke Basel in 1356. 
The upper Rhine is an active region - until today. During my childhood, I experienced a lot of little earthquakes - little, but still strong enough to break flower-pots and windows.
We all know that a bigger earthquake - like in 1356 or even stronger - can occur at any time. maybe in 200 years, maybe within the next five minutes. A lot of experts agree that we would be in deep shit then.

This is why I'm upset every time I hear politicians telling us that Fukushima "could not happen in central Europe, because we don't have earthquakes".
Well, we do.
When a possible big earthquake will destroy the Chemical Industry in Basel, it will not add to our comfort. Sure. But it's what can happen to the nearby  nuclear plants that will probably ruin your day.

2 commentaires:

Dryade a dit…

...und für Mutter Gaia sind 700 Jahre so lang wie ein Wimpernschlag.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Dryade. Genau. Und je länger es her ist, desto "überfälliger" wird der nächste, ganz grosse Rumms.