mercredi, mars 16, 2011

My Iphone

It may be inappropriate to talk about such things in these times - but heck, there's nothing I can do against Fukushima, so I'm enjoying my little, daily pleasures.
My Mom has a cell-phone subscription since more than a decade, with two devices included, one for her and one for me. Since these phones had become very old now, it was time to choose a set of new ones. Since a long time, she dreamt about an Ihone, and therefore, even tough it raised the subscription price, she decided to offer us two of them.
I never had an apple device before and only had heard about them "apps" you can download in order to enlarge the phones functions.
Well, I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I have my Iphone for 2 weeks now and I'm totally  addicted. Its really fun. Yes, I know that its not really necessary - all we *really* need is a possibility to make mobile calls. I also know that a lot of these apps are nonsense or useless crap. Still, its fun and since my inner child is not dead yet, I enjoy it.
An app I really like is the "vintage camera" allowing you to make videos in the style of a 1920, 1930 or 1960 camera. So creative and fascinating.
Bellow is Winzy, in an early color movie:

Winzy 1930 - MyVideo

By the way: Where to go with old cell phones? I knew I can't throw them in the trash bin, so I looked on the web - and found a company that buys old, even broke cell phones. Transaction went fine and instead of Trash, I got a few bucks. So if you have old cell phones  - check out the web for  phone-buying companies in your country. And do compare their offers! Some pay more than others.

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