jeudi, avril 28, 2011


The Problems I am encountering at the building of the German and English Versions seem to be unsolvable. I don't know how many test-DVDs have been thrown into the Trash-Bin by now.
I believe that it is my old, buggy Program; Adobe Premiere Pro. I have bought a new Program, Vegas Platinum 10, from my inheritance, but since the whole Project was built up in Premiere, I wanted to finish it there, and then start in Vegas with new projects.
Well, I think there's no other solution than to switch to Vegas with that Film, too. And build it up entirely in the new program. This will considerably delay the release of the DVD. But I have no choice.

A little wonder that I managed to create a halfway working French Version for the Festival...

mardi, avril 26, 2011

French Version finished.

Well, I finally managed to get at least the French version of the Film ready. I burnt it on DVD and sent it as submission to the Festival. It was hard to admit that the moment was there when I had to say "okay, its done, it is far from being perfect, but there is not any more improvement possible. I did all what I can. THIS is the final result."
Now I am working on cleaning up the German and the English Version. And then, DVD will go into production.

mercredi, avril 20, 2011


I really thought that once the film is finished, the hardest part will be done.
Well, it's not. The hardest part is building up that damned DVD. How many time have I reviewed the Film on my TV? And EVERY time I discover a new error, a new flaw. Some kind of little shit I didn't see or hear before.
Corrected the too loud sound in sequence 2 of the French version. Fine, it works, but now, the characters in the English version suddenly speak German at random.
Wow, great. How's that?
Searching on where that error happened, correct it, render it all again, making a new DVD...okay, this thing is fixed but...Oh? German Menu now links to French Film.

My friends, I am EXHAUSTED.
And the deadline for submitting the whole thing to the Geneva Animatou Festival is approaching. The technical quality of the French voice recordings is awful. I worked hours in trying to improve the files in every thinkable audio-editor; from the free Audacity up to my brand new Vegas Sound Forge Studio. I got help by one of the voice actors in cleaning up these files.  Its better, but still not really good.
As for the images and animation: Sometimes I think:" Okay, not bad" and sometimes: "what a big pile of steamy crap".
Meanwhile, time is advancing so fast. On May 3, I have to go to my gynecologist again. I know very well what will happen, she will send me into prison to the hospital, for my problem hasn't gotten better. Really, I want to have this project finished before they lock me away. Once it is done, I can let go. I will be ready for the hospital anyway then, not only because of my bleeding problems.

mercredi, avril 13, 2011

Magnolia Goodbye

When I I took this Photo of our magnolia Tree two days ago, I reflected about the possibility that it may be the last time I see it in full blossom. Rain was announced that torn off the flowers. And the next time it will bloom - April 2012 - we may not live here anymore.
I planted this tree 12 years ago, when it was just a twig with exactly three flowers. It has grown up almost 3 Meters in height meanwhile. I always dreamed about planting a tree that I could watch growing big and strong. This magnolia almost fulfilled this wish. It will grow very big and very strong, but I will probably - and hopefully - not be there to see it.
Even more hopefully, I can plant another tree in a new home and this very soon, so that I have enough lifetime still to expect for it to watch.

samedi, avril 09, 2011

Random Entry

Finally - I managed to build up the menus on the DVD. Was not as tricky and difficult as I was afraid it would be. Now I am re-working on the entire audio, adjusting voices, music and sounds.
As for the DVD Cover I definitely chose Nr. 1

But since there's such a beautiful spring weather, hence Ialso spend lots of time in the garden, planning, digging and planting.
My mom who fell ill with Herpes Zoster by the End of February and who spent the whole month of March in Basel where she has her Doctor nearby, came home yesterday. This means even more work for me, because I have to do a lot of things for her comfort. But she's not the kind of person who wants others to serve her and she tries to do as much as she can herself, in spite of her heavy pain. She is slightly feeling better, so I think that coming home was a good idea, changes her mind, distracts her from pain and I am there to take care.

samedi, avril 02, 2011

Covers: Round 2

I I worked a bit on the covers, here are the actual versions:

Nr. 1 A totally new version where I tried to combine 
the advantages of the previous two versions:

Nr. 2 Head of beast faded, but with lighted eyes.

Nr. 3 old version 2, but with the new title font.

Nr. 4: faded head, faded eyes, too.