mercredi, avril 13, 2011

Magnolia Goodbye

When I I took this Photo of our magnolia Tree two days ago, I reflected about the possibility that it may be the last time I see it in full blossom. Rain was announced that torn off the flowers. And the next time it will bloom - April 2012 - we may not live here anymore.
I planted this tree 12 years ago, when it was just a twig with exactly three flowers. It has grown up almost 3 Meters in height meanwhile. I always dreamed about planting a tree that I could watch growing big and strong. This magnolia almost fulfilled this wish. It will grow very big and very strong, but I will probably - and hopefully - not be there to see it.
Even more hopefully, I can plant another tree in a new home and this very soon, so that I have enough lifetime still to expect for it to watch.

2 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

It's a beautiful tree. I love magnolias.

Sefarina a dit…

Wie schön einen Baum im Garten zu haben, den man "groß" werden sieht. Mein Traum ist ja mal einen Lebkuchenbaum (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) zu pflanzen.