samedi, avril 09, 2011

Random Entry

Finally - I managed to build up the menus on the DVD. Was not as tricky and difficult as I was afraid it would be. Now I am re-working on the entire audio, adjusting voices, music and sounds.
As for the DVD Cover I definitely chose Nr. 1

But since there's such a beautiful spring weather, hence Ialso spend lots of time in the garden, planning, digging and planting.
My mom who fell ill with Herpes Zoster by the End of February and who spent the whole month of March in Basel where she has her Doctor nearby, came home yesterday. This means even more work for me, because I have to do a lot of things for her comfort. But she's not the kind of person who wants others to serve her and she tries to do as much as she can herself, in spite of her heavy pain. She is slightly feeling better, so I think that coming home was a good idea, changes her mind, distracts her from pain and I am there to take care.

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