lundi, mai 30, 2011

Blog anniversary - Blog Candy

Today it has been 6 years, since this blog exist. First post is from May 30, 2005.
6 years of Sun over Stonehenge - with some long periods of hiatus, tough.
Nevertheless, a reason to celebrate it a bit.

So there is a little Blog candy for you today! This original drawing:

will be given away to a lucky reader via drawing lot!
The drawing was made for the Bonus Material included in the Vogesian Beast DVD. It depicts JFK taking a little rest while travelling trough the Pyrenees. As statet, it is an unique piece, an original. The art was made with colored inks, brushes and pencils. Who knows ? It may even be worth a few bucks when I'm dead.
The rules are the usual ones in such cases:
* write a comment, saying you want to participate.
* Link to this post in your blog or facebook wall.

That's all. I will do the drawing lot next Monday evening, in Basel. So deadline is Next Monday, 18:00h

dimanche, mai 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Again an other year.
Thank you for being my muse,
my guiding light,
warm and strong as the morning sun.
Thank you for being patient,
for your contradictiions,
for your teachings.
You let me see,
the grandeur that is in little things.
Thank you for showing me

the beauty of the world.

vendredi, mai 27, 2011

Commercial calls

This early morning I attended the dentist. While he was drilling my tooth, his cell phone got a call. The assistant answered and apparently, tried in vein to find out what the caller wanted. She then handed the phone over to the doctor. Maybe a patient in distress who couldn't barely speak?
It quickly turned out that it was a commercial call.
"No, I am not interested" I heard the doc repeating "I have a patient right now in my chair"  - with a more and more angry tone.
He tried hard to get rid of that person, but she obviously insisted. He finally got upset and shut down the phone.
"I hate being forced to be impolite" he said "but it was the only way to get rid of her. Those commercial calls get more and more aggressive."
"Should become impolite a lot earlier" would I have answered, if  didn't  had this much stuff in my mouth, keeping me in gargling but speechless.

Commercial calls are annoying, but I think that this one really got a bit far. Calling a Dentist at work and even insisting! 
What was your most annoying commercial call?

mercredi, mai 25, 2011

Unexpected obstacle

Wolfgang Mittendorfer, the Composer of the Soundtrack in the Vosgian Beast Film didn't charge any fee for his wonderful work . Instead of that, he just asked that I add the movie to the international Movie database. He said: "a lot of producers "forget" this step." But it's be important, because it would add a new reference to his list. His official imdb Site hence displays much less films than he actually was part of.
Well, when I heard that I said to myself "what a bunch of lazy idiots". To me, referencing the film to as much databases as possible is a  self-understanding thing to do.
I then opened an account at imbd com and started to go to the submission process. Well, I quickly discovered that the form to be filled out is more complex, annoying and difficult than a tax declaration. I'm working on it since a couple of days, spending most of the time with the reading of the help pages, in the hope to finally understand what the fuck they want me to answer.
Above all, its not even sure that the whole effort will be rewarded. They can refuse an entry, if they think that the film is not eligible. There are a few mandatory requirements : The film must be accessible to open public, yes, DVD counts, als long as it is available trough Amazon. It is. Or will be. So okay for that. Second is more difficult : There must be an existing Third-Party Site about the Film. Such as a Fanpage at Facebook or similar.

Well, I never had fans, at least not at a level that they would bother creating a site about my work. And there will probably never be.
Its quite bitter that the submission process  fails because of this. I mean, I worked so hard, did all what I could by myself in order to not depend on other's good will.
But it's apparently  not possible to get anywhere without the support of others.

mardi, mai 24, 2011


When the British WW1 Veteran Claude Choules died at the age of 110 on May 5 2011, many medias reported that there are now no WW1 survivors on earth anymore. Well, we can't know this exactly, there may be an unknown survivor somewhere. However, with the departing of the last verified veterans, WW1 definitely becomes history for good.
It's a bit an odd feeling for me. As some of you know, I spent over 20 years dedicating my art to the subject of WW1.
When I started in the middle of the Eighties, there were still a lot of Veterans to be found. Not masses of course, but they were there. I met some of them, in order to listen to their stories and hence get a feeling for these times and what they went trough.

Some Veterans in Asylums didn't talk at all. Not because they couldn't, because they didn't want to. According to their relatives, they were silent since they came back from war. A permanent, silent protest against the world they lived in, until their end.

I think we are mostly not aware of the amount of horror the gigantic killing beared. Nowadays, we open trials and political debates over weeks if one presumed civilian is accidentally killed in a NATO Operation. Back then, hundred thousands were killed within one single day during the trench-war and it was seen as the normal ongoing of the war.
I don't think that the world has become more cruel, on the contrary. All in all, it has become more civilized.
The warriors of WW1 had a great influence on me and my art, as well as on my inner life. I had my first really deep spiritual experience when I was in Verdun. And still, even now that I'm mostly doing Kennedy-stuff, the Poilus and Germans remain close to my heart.

mercredi, mai 18, 2011

My back is like Jacks back

My spine is as rotten as was once JFK's - we have this in common and this may be a reason for our bond ;-)

But well, my back was so nice to wait with a new breakdown-crisis until the DVD is finished. But then, yesterday, it was the big blocking. I had cold in my bed because I could not move to reach out for the second blanket. All my back was frozen in pain. No way to get up for a piss or so. Finally I managed to leave the bed, crawl into the car and somehow drive down to the doctor. He gave me a shot, a load of pills and send me for massages for a week. Also will the communal nurse visit me every day to give me a shot.
As usual, the huge Pharma attack caused me nausea and extreme sleepiness, so I passed yesterday mostly with vomiting and sleeping. Today it is slightly better.

Aside of that I am enjoying the time between the projects. I have the new ones in waiting line, of course, some of them being even at an advanced stage, like the Thyla Film. Others just in the beginning, like the Crazy Race film. And the book? Yes, the book...Should not forget that one, too.

The above Pic shows the first scene of "Crazy race" Meet Sportsreporter Iggy Guttapercha

lundi, mai 16, 2011

It's done!

The final DVD copy of the Vosgian Beast Film has been packed up and will be sent off tomorrow, on its way to the pressing factory.

A couple of really hard days are behind me, days of pure desperation, because every time when I believed that a problem was solved, another one emerged. It was like a curse. And yes, there are STILL hundreds of things that I sincerely wish to redraw, re-animate or whatever. But I felt that the moment was there to accept the work in its actual shape as the "best possible result, here and now". That was not easy.
I really hope that the hassles are mostly over. There can be a lot of other problems, like the factory having issues with the graphic files I sent them and so on. Anxiety will only be over when I have the final DVD in my hands and when it plays without a problem. As I said, my greatest nightmare and fear is to discover a silly but devastating error on the finished DVD.

Now I will have to concentrate myself on all the marketing stuff: Create a good teaser Prepare letters for newspapers and magazines, cultural associations and so on. Stuff I hate to do, but honestly, I am so much relieved that the DVD is finished that every other work is welcome.

jeudi, mai 05, 2011

Little good things

Since I have to rebuild the entire film, I also decided to rework on some animations. The Clip introducing JFK riding trough the woods was simply too crappy. I redrew the entire animation and I must say that I am pretty pleased with the result. It was worth these few days of extra-work. Don't worry, I'm not gonna redraw the entire film, despite the fact that I probably should.

Old Version:

New version:

Its warmer in colors and the animation movement is way more natural.

I was at the Gynecologist on Tuesday and on the ultrasonography yesterday. The results are pretty comforting. Things have evolved toward a better way, so I don't have to go to the hospital for now. I received a new load of medics against pain and bleeding. One good thing, at least! I'm truly confident.

Both, the gyn and the ultrasonography are located in Epinal, capital of the Vosges.
When I was there on Tuesday, the streets were crowed with cops. Some gave out false parking tickets. But I doubt that they were there just for that. Well, we all know why. I don't think that Epinal is a first-choice target for revengeful Terrorists, but of course, one never knows.
Police being at every corner, everybody had to wait for green light before crossing the streets. An unusual sight in Epinal.