vendredi, mai 27, 2011

Commercial calls

This early morning I attended the dentist. While he was drilling my tooth, his cell phone got a call. The assistant answered and apparently, tried in vein to find out what the caller wanted. She then handed the phone over to the doctor. Maybe a patient in distress who couldn't barely speak?
It quickly turned out that it was a commercial call.
"No, I am not interested" I heard the doc repeating "I have a patient right now in my chair"  - with a more and more angry tone.
He tried hard to get rid of that person, but she obviously insisted. He finally got upset and shut down the phone.
"I hate being forced to be impolite" he said "but it was the only way to get rid of her. Those commercial calls get more and more aggressive."
"Should become impolite a lot earlier" would I have answered, if  didn't  had this much stuff in my mouth, keeping me in gargling but speechless.

Commercial calls are annoying, but I think that this one really got a bit far. Calling a Dentist at work and even insisting! 
What was your most annoying commercial call?

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Sefarina a dit…

Hm, ich leg dann einfach auf, wenn das Gegenüber nicht hören will. Sowas muss ja nicht einvernehmlich laufen ;-)
Ich hab aber auch den Eindruck, dass die immer dreister werden.