jeudi, mai 05, 2011

Little good things

Since I have to rebuild the entire film, I also decided to rework on some animations. The Clip introducing JFK riding trough the woods was simply too crappy. I redrew the entire animation and I must say that I am pretty pleased with the result. It was worth these few days of extra-work. Don't worry, I'm not gonna redraw the entire film, despite the fact that I probably should.

Old Version:

New version:

Its warmer in colors and the animation movement is way more natural.

I was at the Gynecologist on Tuesday and on the ultrasonography yesterday. The results are pretty comforting. Things have evolved toward a better way, so I don't have to go to the hospital for now. I received a new load of medics against pain and bleeding. One good thing, at least! I'm truly confident.

Both, the gyn and the ultrasonography are located in Epinal, capital of the Vosges.
When I was there on Tuesday, the streets were crowed with cops. Some gave out false parking tickets. But I doubt that they were there just for that. Well, we all know why. I don't think that Epinal is a first-choice target for revengeful Terrorists, but of course, one never knows.
Police being at every corner, everybody had to wait for green light before crossing the streets. An unusual sight in Epinal.

3 commentaires:

President Snow a dit…

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear you had to rework the film since it was giving you so much trouble. I know you've alreayd put so much work into it as it is.

I will say though, I can see a vast improvement between the two scenes you posted!!

Sefarina a dit…

Na, zumindest eine gute Nachricht - und damit auch mehr Zeit für deinen Film. Da bin ich erleichtert.

Feronia a dit…

Glad you are feeling a little better healthwise.

Both the old and the new drawings look good to me!