mercredi, mai 18, 2011

My back is like Jacks back

My spine is as rotten as was once JFK's - we have this in common and this may be a reason for our bond ;-)

But well, my back was so nice to wait with a new breakdown-crisis until the DVD is finished. But then, yesterday, it was the big blocking. I had cold in my bed because I could not move to reach out for the second blanket. All my back was frozen in pain. No way to get up for a piss or so. Finally I managed to leave the bed, crawl into the car and somehow drive down to the doctor. He gave me a shot, a load of pills and send me for massages for a week. Also will the communal nurse visit me every day to give me a shot.
As usual, the huge Pharma attack caused me nausea and extreme sleepiness, so I passed yesterday mostly with vomiting and sleeping. Today it is slightly better.

Aside of that I am enjoying the time between the projects. I have the new ones in waiting line, of course, some of them being even at an advanced stage, like the Thyla Film. Others just in the beginning, like the Crazy Race film. And the book? Yes, the book...Should not forget that one, too.

The above Pic shows the first scene of "Crazy race" Meet Sportsreporter Iggy Guttapercha

4 commentaires:

Bodecea a dit…

Get well soon!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thanks! :-)

Sefarina a dit…

Brr, das erinnert mich an letztes Jahr, wo ich mir einen Nerv eingeklemmt hatte. Mein bester Freund war damals Bilsenöl, und in der Konsequenz mache ich nun regelmässig Gymnastik, das hilft mir vorbeugend.

Komm gut durch den Spritzenmarathon und gute Besserung!

President Snow a dit…

So sorry to hear about your back! Makes me think of how I often wish I could go back in time and find ways to help Jack with his back. But alas, only in my dreams.

I hope you get well soon though!!