lundi, juin 27, 2011


To make a long story short: Since the death of our red cat Wincent around 1995 we - and especially my mom - dreamt about finding another red cat. Winzy met the color a bit, but not really, he's more tan/ light brown.
Today the veterinarian's assistant called us and told us "its urgent, we have a red kitten that was promised for someone - who does not want it anymore. Since you are looking for a red cat, come and pi ck it up".
Well, we didn't exactly looking *actively* for it. Not now. We have already six cats.
But dumb as we are, we didn't say no.

And now I have this little red hairball in my house:

The other cats don't think he's cute and hiss at him. And Minggy is not like the average timid kitten who will just bear all the hissing and growling until it stops and then be friends with the big cats. He hisses back. Heavily. And he growls.
Right now he is more belligerent than the "native" cats. Oh...these coming days will be very, very special...

samedi, juin 25, 2011

First Sequence converted.

Today I finished to convert the last scene of the Intro Sequence in Thyla.

But this is just a stop. I have more than 60 clips left. All to be reworked from the 4:3 format into large 16:9
Lots of backgrounds to redraw, but also lot of animation work to improve.
Meanwhile, my freshly bought Vegas Movie Studio 10 - well "fresh" meaning last November - tells me, that there's a new version and wants me to upgrade. *Sigh* Why do Software evolve this quickly nowadays? Guess what? I will just wait and see what users say in the forums about Vegas 11 before I consider the upgrade. Because usually, in such short upgrade times, there is no real improvement done.

mardi, juin 21, 2011

A happy Summer's Solstice

It's hard to believe that the first half of year is already over - wasn't it yesterday we celebrated Yule?
 The mellow Midsummer will end, the hot High Summer will take place.

As for me, the first months of the year were mainly marked by the work on the film and by the illness of my mom - she had Herpes Zoster and is still struggling against it.
Interesting enough, the hooning by the Asshole-neighbors played a minor role, at least since a good couple of time and until now. I don't know what calmed them down , but it was effective.
However, we still want to leave. Too big is the fear that it could all start again. There's no such thing as an asshole-free neighborhood. We need a place which by its nature, is out of reach for such individuals.

So now let's see what the second half of the year will bring.

A blessed and wonderful Solstice to al of you!

lundi, juin 13, 2011


Everyone who ever published a book (or a DVD - or any other cultural good) will know that the most difficult part of the whole process is to find resellers and distributors.
As for the Vosgian Beast DVD, I was pretty lucky, because I found a German Distributor in no time: It's Edelstern:

So if you live in Germany and still don't own the DVD, the very best address for you is the link above. If you live in Switzerland, you may contact They carry the DVD, too.

I'm getting more and more involved in my new projects. Slacking time is over!

samedi, juin 11, 2011

What a find

When I was in Basel days ago, I originally planned to go to my art shop buying some Ecoline Inks I was out of. I somehow missed to go to the shop as I had heavy back-pain and it would have been an extra hike.
But since I was in the area I visited the second-hand shop. There's always something to discover there. Big was my surprise when I saw a few pots of Ecoline there - and almost exactly the colors I was out of!
The price? 2 Swiss francs instead of 6,50! Kind of a saving, isn't it!? How good I wasn't in the art-shop before!
At home I had a closer look and saw the old-fashion labels:

The red pot on the left is the second hand one and the pot in the right is one I regularly bought in the art-shop.
These second-hand pots must be old then. But they are unopened. I guess someone bought them years ago and never used them.
However. A big find for me.
I am slowly returning to work and my new projects. As there is the Film Thyla. I decided to rebuild it entirely in Vegas and in wide-screen Format. So I take the source-artwork of every scene and rebuild it in the new format. This requires me to repaint some backgrounds. But I think it is worth the extra-work.

jeudi, juin 09, 2011

random thoughts

The mood you are in when between two projects can be weird.
Yesterday, I tried to commit suicide by eating a salad I bought in a German supermarket. It didn't work.
Today, I worked hard to achieve all the task on my To-Do List for the Promotion of the DVD. Several people do help me and I think the least I can do to show my gratitude is to do any effort possible on my side, too.

Other than this, the Garden is gorgeous now. A lot of Raspberries to be collected in the endless midsummer light.  Violent thunderstorms, too. Rain, cold wind. Colored my hair into dark.  Bought Anime Studio 8 - not the big leap forward it promised to be, but okay. Dollar is cheap as dirt now, so it wasn't a big expense.

mercredi, juin 08, 2011

...And the Winner is...

3 Readers went into the drawing lot pool for the original art and L'actrice was the lucky one. Congratulations to you and many thanks for participating to the others.

mercredi, juin 01, 2011

DVD released

Wheeew! What a day!
While I was eating my dinner with Mom, a big Truck stopped at our house. I knew what it was. And indeed: The whole stock of the DVD copies!
I cannot describe the feeling when I opened the first box and saw all these beautiful DVD cases. Now the Discs just had to work, too! We immediately stuffed one in the DVD player. I never was this anxious in my life. But the whole thing played well and the quality is wonderful. Of course, I could not test the whole shippment, but I don't think I accidentally picked out the only good copy among a load of damaged ones.

So here we go, the DVD is officially released and can be ordered either on my site: or trough Amazon France, here:

Amazon may be more comfortable if you have already an account there. It's Amazon France, but the DVD is the same one with the English and the German Versions, too! If you go trough Amazon, don't forget to leave a rating or even a comment. It would be very much appreciated.

And here is the Trailer: