mardi, juin 21, 2011

A happy Summer's Solstice

It's hard to believe that the first half of year is already over - wasn't it yesterday we celebrated Yule?
 The mellow Midsummer will end, the hot High Summer will take place.

As for me, the first months of the year were mainly marked by the work on the film and by the illness of my mom - she had Herpes Zoster and is still struggling against it.
Interesting enough, the hooning by the Asshole-neighbors played a minor role, at least since a good couple of time and until now. I don't know what calmed them down , but it was effective.
However, we still want to leave. Too big is the fear that it could all start again. There's no such thing as an asshole-free neighborhood. We need a place which by its nature, is out of reach for such individuals.

So now let's see what the second half of the year will bring.

A blessed and wonderful Solstice to al of you!

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Sefarina a dit…


Ja, der Mittsommer kam wie immer schnell, doch ich tröste mich damit, dass es ja erst die Mitte ist und nicht das Ende.