lundi, juin 27, 2011


To make a long story short: Since the death of our red cat Wincent around 1995 we - and especially my mom - dreamt about finding another red cat. Winzy met the color a bit, but not really, he's more tan/ light brown.
Today the veterinarian's assistant called us and told us "its urgent, we have a red kitten that was promised for someone - who does not want it anymore. Since you are looking for a red cat, come and pi ck it up".
Well, we didn't exactly looking *actively* for it. Not now. We have already six cats.
But dumb as we are, we didn't say no.

And now I have this little red hairball in my house:

The other cats don't think he's cute and hiss at him. And Minggy is not like the average timid kitten who will just bear all the hissing and growling until it stops and then be friends with the big cats. He hisses back. Heavily. And he growls.
Right now he is more belligerent than the "native" cats. Oh...these coming days will be very, very special...

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Karan a dit…


(Cat hair allergy is a wicked curse...)

Sefarina a dit…

Ooh, Mietzi! Dieses Jahr habt ihr es aber mit den Kätzchen.
Na dann wünsch ich mal fröhliches Eingewöhnen... (vielleicht legt sich das Temperament noch ;-)

Dryade a dit…

Uiii, sieht klever aus der kleine "Kerl" (?). Wünsche euch schöne, spannende Eingewöhnungstage und das sich am Ende alle Katzen gut mit einander arrangieren :-)!!
Ganz liebe Grüße von der Dryade
... rote Katzen sind so süß *schwärm*

l'actrice a dit…

One could see right away that this cat is special:-)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Karan: Ow, Cat hair allergy is the least thing I would like to have :-(

@Sefarina - Benni und Winzy waren aber schon letztes Jahr ;-)

@Dryade: Ja, rote katzen sind schon irgendwie was besonderes - da sind wir mit dem kleinen Mingg nun bestens bedient.

Julie a dit…

aw, cute kitty. what's his name?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Julie: It's "Minggy"!