jeudi, juin 09, 2011

random thoughts

The mood you are in when between two projects can be weird.
Yesterday, I tried to commit suicide by eating a salad I bought in a German supermarket. It didn't work.
Today, I worked hard to achieve all the task on my To-Do List for the Promotion of the DVD. Several people do help me and I think the least I can do to show my gratitude is to do any effort possible on my side, too.

Other than this, the Garden is gorgeous now. A lot of Raspberries to be collected in the endless midsummer light.  Violent thunderstorms, too. Rain, cold wind. Colored my hair into dark.  Bought Anime Studio 8 - not the big leap forward it promised to be, but okay. Dollar is cheap as dirt now, so it wasn't a big expense.

2 commentaires:

caroona a dit…

Honestly? I still eat raw carrots. I refuse to be manipulated into panicking. When you buy your food there is always the possibility that something is wrong with it. Nobody seems to be worried about fake cheese or rotten meat anymore but I don't believe for a second that there is none of that going around anywhere.

Have fun with the new software :o)

Sefarina a dit…

Diese Massenpanik erinnert mich immer an eine Herde erschrecktes Weidevieh: alles dreht durch und keiner weiß mehr genau warum.

Zwischen zwei (großen) Projekten falle ich manchmal richtig in ein Loch. Ausgelaugt von der letzten habe ich einen Mordsrespekt vor der nächsten Herausforderung. Dazu kommt natürlich, dass man plötzlich Zeit hat ;-)