samedi, juin 11, 2011

What a find

When I was in Basel days ago, I originally planned to go to my art shop buying some Ecoline Inks I was out of. I somehow missed to go to the shop as I had heavy back-pain and it would have been an extra hike.
But since I was in the area I visited the second-hand shop. There's always something to discover there. Big was my surprise when I saw a few pots of Ecoline there - and almost exactly the colors I was out of!
The price? 2 Swiss francs instead of 6,50! Kind of a saving, isn't it!? How good I wasn't in the art-shop before!
At home I had a closer look and saw the old-fashion labels:

The red pot on the left is the second hand one and the pot in the right is one I regularly bought in the art-shop.
These second-hand pots must be old then. But they are unopened. I guess someone bought them years ago and never used them.
However. A big find for me.
I am slowly returning to work and my new projects. As there is the Film Thyla. I decided to rebuild it entirely in Vegas and in wide-screen Format. So I take the source-artwork of every scene and rebuild it in the new format. This requires me to repaint some backgrounds. But I think it is worth the extra-work.

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