jeudi, juillet 14, 2011

Bad start - good End

Well, I already wrote about how much difficulties I encountered in my attempt to get Press involved into my efforts to make the DVD known.
On Monday Evening the Tourists Office called to tell me that the Journalist of the local Newspaper who until then successfully avoided all contact with me, would meet me on Tuesday at the office for an Interview. Apparently the pressure both from Mrs. and Mr. Whitebeard as well as the Tourist Office was too strong and she had no choice.
We met at the Office. Frankly, it was Antipathy at first sight.
I admit that I was not free of anger, for she had so obviously showed her Non-Interest all this time. So when I saw her first, coming into the office loudly gorging the rests of a Sandwich, I couldn't but think that she's dumb and gross.
She went to the Offices Employee and said something like "I'm here to see Diane Kennedy".
Fuck, My name is Diana not Diane.
I introduced myself and instead of really greeting me, she started to moan on how hot it was in the office and how much she suffered from that. It was 24 degree outside, just for your information...
So we went down in  a room in the basement which was supposed to be cooler.
I ordered myself not to show my anger, that doesn't make anything better.
When she complained that she would have so less time to write the article, I couldn't hold me back and said that if she responded a bit earlier to all my attempts in getting in touch with her, she would have plenty of time, let alone that she would have been able to watch the film.
She then explained me how busy she was because her daughter made her exams and then there was Vacation to be prepared and after all, she does this job because she would get nutty otherwise, as a grand-mother with nothing to do.
Well...I tried to stay calm.
She then asked me the usual shit-questions like where I learned to draw, why I settled down in the Vosges Mountains and so on.
When we got deeper into the subject, I tried to explain what I do and why and often had the impression that she was totally exceeded by what I said. Nevertheless, the atmosphere between us got better and we finished the interview in a quite nice mood.
Today, Mr. Whitebeard knocked at my door and showed me the Newspaper with the article in it. I didn't expect much.
But - to my very big surprise, it came out really good. Hey, not good - in fact,  its just great. Obviously the woman did some research after our meeting, got informed about the subjects we talked about and finished by writing something really informative and interesting. There was no single error or false info - I'm used to at least one in such articles.
Even the photo she took of me is good, I'm not looking like a total idiot on it ;-)
So there was an unexpected good end to a story with a bad start. I'm still not quite sure if she really understood my work or even likes it, but for sure, she is professional enough to make a good article about it.

Will be a precious step-stone for me.

3 commentaires:

Dryade a dit…

Solche "Überraschungen" sind die besten :-) Ich drücke dir die Daumen das der Artikel viele Menschen neugierig gemacht hat!!
Liebe Grüß von der Dryade

Diandra a dit…

That's cool - everybody likes positive surprises. Good luck with your exhibition and stuff!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Dryade: ja, lieber so als andersrum: Gut gestartet und bos geendet.

@Diandra: Yes, it did good for a change to have apositive surprise!