samedi, juillet 16, 2011

Good Start - Bad End

Well, yesterday, I had it the other way.

It  was the first public viewing of the Vosgian Beast Film. It was displayed on a big flat screen TV in a Basement hall of the Tourist's Office and meant to be the Highlight of the Exhibit.

I really didn't look forward for it. My main concern was that there would be no one attending the show, hence I'd sit there, alone, like a complete Idiot.
When I arrived, the Lady of the Office greeted me with a "There are already a lot of people down there". I was very surprised. And indeed: the room was filled and people kept coming. When it was time to start the film, new people still came in and the Office's Lady had to look for additional chairs. The late-comers stepped on the feet of the audience already there, causing angry comments. For one I hated the thought that the watchers were distracted from the film by some late guys, in the other hand it created that special Film-Theater ambiance and I started to feel myself like a real Filmmaker - for the first time.

As the Film evolved, the audience got deeper and deeper into it, laughed at the gags and was more and more drawn into the action. I could feel the dynamics of an increasing fascination and it was a gorgeous experience.
A moment long I really thought that I finally made it.

And then - all of a sudden - Film stood still and died. The DVD player gave up. The Office's Lady rushed by, tried to restart it, but every attempt failed. Here and there some hints were given from the audience, but none worked. It was horrible. The whole good atmosphere turned into anger and disappointment. Finally, the Office's lady gave up and suggested that people should come back the next day at the same time. She then would have fetched a new Player. Some people agreed, others said that they would not have the time.
Of course, no one bought the DVD. Mood was too poisoned. And I didn't feel like insisting, even tough it would have been the solution for those who missed the end and would not be able to attend the second show. But that's how psychology works. Disappointed audience is not likely to buy.
The Office's lady was even more shocked, upset and angry than me. "I could throw this rotten player outside the window and then stomp on it for hours" she said.
Well, I somehow almost expected such an incident. It was too good to be true, anyway. My usual bad luck *had* to strike again. (If someone of you knows a spell which gets me rid once for all from that fucking bad luck - please let me know!!)
So I will go down today and see who really will come back for a second try.
The Office's Lady said that she will plan an additional viewing in fall, and then "bring extra DVD Players as reserve and also some additional speakers to enhance the sound." I, in the other turn, will be better prepared, i.e bring flyers with me to hand out to the audience, so that people will be able to order the DVD later...
Despite all that bad luck, I'd say that the experience was a good one, for it showed that the Film has the potential to be appreciated by a larger audience. Even if that will not buy me any food by now, it is for sure a good sign.

4 commentaires:

Geier a dit…

Meine Güte! Dir klebt das Pech aber auch wie ein alter Kaugummi an den Hacken...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Geier: ja, leider.

Sefarina a dit…

Was für ein Horrorszenario. Dabei ist dein Film wirklich fesselnd und kurzweilig und künstlerisch top. Hoffentlich gehen die nächsten Aufführungen um so besser...

Bodecea a dit…

Ach, du Arme! Aber schön, dass der Film so viele interessiert!!!