samedi, juillet 09, 2011

New Plans

Tomorrow I will go to the Tourists Office in order to install the Exhibit. Not that I am expecting the slightest thing from that by now. Posters were sent out to lots of Shops and offices, but NO ONE did hang it out - unlike the posters for the exhibit that comes after mine, which you can already see here and there.

I am deeply frustrated by the huge blocking wall I encounter from the instances which are supposed to support me.
"Me" meaning a local artist who did a work about local folklore.
At least, Our Neighbors, Mrs. and Mr. Whitebeard did make a positive exception. I offered them a copy of the DVD days ago, as thanks for all the help during the time I had no car. Today, they came to me and said that they watched the movie with their daughter-in-law and she was so pleased that she wanted to buy a copy. Mrs. Whitebeard then asked if the Journalist of the local Paper will do an article. I told her what happened and that the Journalist was merely blocking all my attempts of getting in touch with her. Mrs. Whitebeard then said that she will contact her too and try to convince her to do an article.

This is very nice and I really appreciate it. To be honest, all while I know that Mrs. Whitebeard is a very decent person, I didn't knew she could go this much for my art.

Anyway, as I said, I don't have the slightest expectations anymore in that tourist office Exhibit, the obstacles are too great. So I made further plans. I will attend the Comic Festival in Arlon, Belgium in October this year. This will give me something to look forward and hoping for.

4 commentaires:

Geier a dit…

Wie wärs mit ARTE? Für das Festival in Contern dürfte es schon zu spät sein...

Sefarina a dit…

Das ist ja echt ärgerlich, dass da so wenig Unterstützung kommt, wo doch eine Ausstellung ohnehin so viel Arbeit macht.
Anderweitig dein Werk zu zeigen ist eine gute Idee, denn es ist wirklich sehenswert. Die in der Touristinfo sind offensichtlich Kunstbanausen.

Tja, und dass die Medien extrem faul sind Künstler zu unterstützen lese ich grade an mehreren Stellen, was soll das nur?

Feronia a dit…

Sounds like a lot has been going on for you, Diana! It's bizarre that you're finding it hard to get support for your really interesting and original work. Your neighbour sounds great, though.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Geier: Arte habe ich die Scheibe geschickt, mal sehen.

@Sefarina: Ich denke, dass die im Touristenbüro schon versuchen zu lmachen was sie können, aber irgendwo eingfach total überfordert sind, wie viele der Leute hier. Irgendwie können sie die ganze Chose Trickfilm-Künstlerin-Orgiginale-aus Film nicht so richtig einordnen.
Naja, im Moment ist mir das alles ohnehin sch...egal. Ich habe heute Morgen die Bilder runtergebracht, das ganze Ding aufgestellt und das wars.
@Feronia: well, I am aware that, of course, the world didn't wait for my work - but I did hope for just a little more support. Yes, these neighbors are real fine people.