lundi, juillet 18, 2011

Next step in sight

The second screening of the Film attracted a lot less spectators of course. But at least, this time, the DVD player didn't give up, and two people bought the DVD. Also collected some addresses of people interested to receive news about my work.
Next Wednesday I will go in the Val d'Ajol installing "my" corner within the next Exhibit. The Art'Expo is held every year since over 25 years now, in the Val d'Ajol. A town I lived in for a year, after moving to France from Germany.

I was part of that Exhibit in 1997. Back then it was a real great experience. I sold a lot of comics, made new contact and had a lot of fun. I really don't know if this success can be repeated, after all, that was 14 years ago and things may have changed. But I do look forward for it. If it weren't for the fact that I'm profoundly exhausted by all these busy days.
After that, I really will enjoy my vacation in Basel.

Made a little commercial:

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Feronia a dit…

Love the ad, Diana! Good luck with the next step :)