mercredi, juillet 06, 2011

This gonna be a busy month

I'm just coming back from Basel.
Usually it takes me one or two days of rest to get over the stress of that journey - but tomorrow, I have to go off again, to a Kinesiology seance, for my back.
And Sunday I'll have to go to the tourist office, preparing the Exhibit that will take place there during the next week. After that I will have one week of Exhibition in the Val d'Ajol.
These Exhibits always give me mixed feelings. For one, I do a lot to get them, for I know how important exposure is and in the other hand I hate going amongst people, for I am deeply sociophobic. So July 15, when the Film will be publicly displayed is just a horrible thought for me.

Speaking of horrible: the tourist's office made a promotional poster for the exhibit and the film show. Well, they gave it to a a "Graphic students in internship".
That is what came out:

If you can read french, the first thing you probably noticed is the huge amount of spelling errors. Beginning with the"Diana Kenedy" in the upper-left corner.  But that is just the beginning. There a LOT more spelling errors in this little text.
You don't need to read french to see the bad composition of the poster as such, the shitty fonts used, the image of the beast drowning in the black background... There isn't said with ONE word that the whole exhibit is about a film, so the the "public display" phrase will make no sense to the watcher who doesn't know.

What truly annoys me is that the folks at the Tourists office were okay with this crappy work. Do I deserve this less?
I did of course protest and sent them an example on how I would have done the poster If I was asked to do it:
It may not be a big deal either, but at least it says what it is about and keeps spelling errors within a reasonable amount.
At least, they agreed that my poster is better and decided to use it instead of the crap made by the student.

However, the "Diana Kenedy" Error on the students work did remind me the strange sign I saw in October 2011, you may remember.

I don't really have big expectations in these Exhibitions. People around here seem mostly to be exceeded and somehow clueless by and about my work, especially the film. I contacted over 10 newspaper and radio stations about the exhibit and got not a single one response. I mean they usually make big articles about stuff a lot more trivial, but my work seem to be of absolutely no interest. 

Minggy, the little red kitten we adopted a week ago is doing very fine. There's no hissing anymore, he plays with the old cats now. He is especially good friends with Benni:

4 commentaires:

Dryade a dit…

Ups ... das ist wirklich übel hässlich geworden!!! Hoffentlich nehmen sie deines statt dessen *alledaumendrück*
Ich schick dir Kraft und Sonne für die Seele, lass dich nicht unterkriegen!!
Liebe Grüße von der Dryade

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Dryade: ja, zum Glück wurde beschlossen, dass mein Plakat verwendet wird. Wenigstens das. Danke und liebe Grüsse

Geier a dit…

Der Trick bei Zeitungen ist die richtigen Leute anzusprechen, ansonsten landet man im Papierkorb. Dummerweise ist es für Aussenstehend nicht einfach herauszufinden wer nun "richtig" ist... Es wundert mich allerdings, daß dieses Tourismusbüro da nichts macht, die sollten eigentlich Interesse + die entsprechenden Kontakte haben.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Geier, doch, das Tourist-Büro hat mir heute zugesagt, seinerseits nochmal auf die Presse zugehen und die machen ja nicht zum ersten mal so eine Aktion. Hoffen wir, dass es was bringt.