lundi, août 29, 2011

Critique, Part 2

Today, a review of the Vosgian Beast went online at Read it here:

After the strong negative feedback of my friend, this review did me some good ;-)
The reviewer mostly describes the work behind the film and the few rating statements are positive. I'm pretty happy! I have to say that the people behind the site were very friendly and nice from the beginning. I wasn't spoiled when it comes to the response to my review requests -  they really made a warmhearted exception.
If you are a film and DVD lover, you will find the site itself very useful, for it contains tons of reviews, infos and news.

As for the Lune des Loups book project, I'm almost finished, yay! Only 3 pages left!

vendredi, août 26, 2011


Today I received the most negative Feedback so far, for the Vosgian Beast Film. It was from a long time friend. All while I appreciated that he's sincere rather than trying to avoid hurting my feelings, its of course painful to swallow. Also because of the length and the sheer amount of all the negative points. He even critiqued details like "too much flying dead leaves".
It was not totally unexpected tough, I knew that he's not really fond of classical stories. As an example, he totally dislike the Adventures of Tintin for their storylines (too classic and too trivial in his eyes) - therefore a more than classical story like the Vosgian Beast would not meet his taste. Still, its painful.
But I will get over it and it will of course in no way affect our friendship.

mercredi, août 24, 2011

Choice of language

"Lune des Loups" is advancing quite well. I may finish it in the first week of September, yay! It has still got to be proofread, of course.
I hope, I made the right choice when deciding that - at least for the first version - it will be in french. I did so because of the Arlon Festival, of course. But my professional counselor suggested that it may have been a better idea to publish it in German first, for French economy is really not well. I agree that I sell more in Germany than in France by now. A few years ago it was the opposite. I dunno. I don't have the time to re-write it all, anyway and I don't have the money to print two versions at this time. So I just have to hope.

I take great pleasure to draw in simple black-and white lines again. Sort of "back to the roots" feeling. Will make the book cheaper to buy. Probably a good thing.

dimanche, août 21, 2011

Blog Candy at Sefarina's WINDLEBEN

Dear and talented Sefarina has decided to offer an unique peace of her art at a drawing lot!
Watch the video to admire her work - isn't that beautiful?
I'm in, for sure.
If you want to participate too, here is the link to the post in question

Write a comment stating your intent to participate and do also write an entry into your own blog about it.
As a fair player I wish you all good luck - although I of course hope that I'll be the winner.

vendredi, août 19, 2011

Sick Monitor

Yesterday I discovered a tiny black spot in the lesser right corner of my computer monitor; Today, this black spot has grown and almost entirely covers the clock on the toolbar.

There's a sort of yellow glow surrounding the black hole, making it look even more frightening.
Any clue what that is? Antimatter? A black hole? 
Looks like my monitor has cancer or something. I hate the thought of being forced to buy a new monitor, if that thing grows bigger.

Sick Monitor

Yesterday I discovered a tiny black spot in the lesser right corner of my computer monitor; Today, this black spot has grown and almost entirely covers the clock on the toolbar.

There's also a sort of yellow glow surrounding the black hole; Any clue what that is? Antimatter? A black hole? 
Looks like my monitor has cancer or something. I hate the thought of being forced to buy a new monitor, if that thing grows bigger.

samedi, août 13, 2011

Dreambook 2012

Like every year at this season, I am beginning to work on my next year's Dreambook. The cover, with the mandatory collage of JFK and the moon is done:
The inside will be much more work. This is why it is wise to begin the task now.

vendredi, août 12, 2011

fall in Basel

It's definitely fall here in Basel. The leaves fly around and the air is mild, but not hot. Beautiful.
Next Wednesday I will go Home to France, therefore I will enjoy the last days of my vacation in Basel with long walks, another Meeting with Gaby and hopefully my Aunt, too.
Since the Swiss Franc is extremely strong and almost worth one Euro now, a lot of Swiss people are buying houses in France, so they say. Hence this would be the very best moment to advertise my house in Switzerland. I do it in every paper and Internet Site I'm aware of, and which are free or at low cost. Unfortunately, the most popular Real Estate Platforms like Immoscout or Homegate are very expensive to advertise in. For some obscure reason, people think that owing a house automatically equals to being rich. So I have to hope that the ads in the lesser known platforms will do the job.

Mom sent me these Pics from Home:

That's Minggy, our newest cat. He does so very well with the other cats now and is best friend with Benni. I'm looking forward to see the whole gang again.

I also received the good news that State of  Vosges approved my ask for subsidy - so I can attend to the Festival in Arlon in October. They will pay 80 percent of my expenses. Now, that's pretty cool! I would have gone to Arlon anyway, but now I can be much more relaxed. Even if I don't sell much, the whole thing will not ruin me.

lundi, août 08, 2011

A day like no other

Most of us had a best friend during childhood. So did I.
Some of us keep the friendship - sometimes during the whole life.

My best friend in childhood in Basel was a Girl named Gaby. She was born in the same year I was and  lived in the same building and on the same floor, but the entrance to her part of the building was on the other side of it. We shared the same balcony row tough, our balconies were  separated by another neighbor's one. When we leaned over the handrail, we could see each other.

We also shared the same Kindergarten, tough in two different classes. Then we shared the same elementary school, in the same class.

We played together, in the house and outside. We made long expeditions Trough Basel, its Parks, went down the Banks of the Rhine and she accompanied my Grandmother and me to our garden.

I really don't know what she found in me. I was an outsider, Shy and weak. She had her both feet on earth and in the same time, shared my dreams, my inner realm of creativity. I grew up and discovered the world trough my eyes and in the same time, could see it trough her eyes too, hence learning to evaluate it beyond my own impressions.

When I was 11, I had to move away from Basel because I got to live with my mom who worked an lived in Geneva. I visited Basel often, in holiday and over weekends and most of the time meet Gaby there. Nevertheless, our ways were slowly divided. My grandparents died, I moved away even farther and she grew into puberty, into other interests. And some day, the time with Gaby was nothing more than a precious memory from my personal "Dreamtime".

Decades went by. I did never forgot her and also never found a friend like her again. Sometimes, I played with the thought of trying to search for her, see if I can get back in contact. But I never had the courage.

Well, it was July 10, the day Georgie died, I received a message trough Facebook. It was Gaby who found me.
I can't describe what this meant to me. We exchanged a lot of long emails. We had more than 30 years to share - 30 years.
 I learned that she is married, has a son, dogs and mice. And that she was very ill not too long ago.

Yesterday, we finally met in person. She attended me at my little apartment in Basel. It was like in the past. I  went out in the hall, looking down the stairs, seeing her climbing them up. The first sight was incredible.
After a long talk in my living room we made a walk to our old schoolhouse and our old school-way: In fact, we made the same magical trip I did a year ago. But it was even more magical and enchanted.
We then visited her mom who still lives in their old apartment. For me, it was  a bit like coming home, for I could go into the house of my early childhood, up to the balcony and look outside. Never thought I'd  see this sight again:

Gabys Mom is still as warmhearted and nice I had her in mind. We had a long and pleasant time together. After this, Gaby and I went outside, visiting some other places of our Childhood. And just like in the past, when we so often stumbled upon some strange findings, we also found an oddity:

 Some twigs bound  into a cross. What the hell is that? Gaby suggested we may have some Clansmen in Basel who will burn this thing at night. OMGs - I hope not ;-)

A lot of things had changed. Already big trees back then are now regular giants. Silent, tall and majestic they grow into the sky, keeping the memory of us as children, as grown up women and probably still being there long after our departing.
The Rhine is a lot cleaner. In our time it was a dark and stinky soup of shit. Now its clear-green and not smelly anymore. The Birs, the little river that goes into the Rhine has been re-naturalized, meaning that the the banks are no longer made of boring stone-walls. Bushes and grass are growing there again, providing living space for birds and other animals.

Speaking of enhancement: You should have heard us talk: When we crossed the square at the bottom of our house I said that I find it comfortable that  nowadays its mandatory for drivers in Switzerland to stop at the pedestrian crossings when people are waiting there. 40 years ago, we'd had been flattened by the next car, with everybody saying that it was our fault and that's all. 

Gaby says its false security. Kids could think they're safe and blindly cross the road although a car may *not* stop. Well, of course. In our time, no Kid would have had such a crazy idea. we knew we had to look or we'd be death.
This lead us to the observation that my apartment in our house was cool in the way that I had a window facing the square which gave me the opportunity to witness all the tragic and bloody accidents that happened there during the 70ties. 

No, "our time" was no fun. It was a time of reckless destruction. In our very early childhood there were still old little houses with wild gardens surrounding our house. I remember how I played in one of these gardens with other kids at my birthday. 
One by one, these houses, the gardens, flowers and little, withered stone walls were destroyed, flattened under Beton and modern buildings. The old bridge over the Rhine was replaced by a big, ugly and loud motorway Bridge. Countless trees were cut down. 
Time came when every Lowlife who could scratch together a few thousand bucks or get a loan, bought a car.  Traffic increased, more and more accidents happened.. My Grandmother who  was special  in the way that she owned a car  - a women owning a car - was no longer an exception. 

This leads me to the conclusion that the "paradise" we remember was first of all, the paradise within ourselves. Together, we made it happen. And together, we made its resurrection happen. What  remained only as a memory deep in me, is now a living part of my present again. 

All what I can say is: If you have a best friend, take good care of her / him. You may have only one in your  life. 

samedi, août 06, 2011

Flea market

Today I took a long walk trough Basel and finished it by visiting the Flea-Market at the Petersplatz, which ist pretty popular. Found a lot of very cheap DVD's - this will make my mom happy, she is a passionate lover and collector of DVDs and movies.
The coming fall can not be overseen. Everywhere, leaves fly around and the trees get a tired color.

Fall may come very early this year, but I enjoy it, as every year. Air is so wonderful, I love the scent of the falling leaves and there's so much good dishes to eat now, like pumkins and mushrooms.

After the trip I went home and worked a lot on the "Wolves Moon" book: Progresses well!

mercredi, août 03, 2011

Wolves Moon

Since I am decided to take also a new printed work with me at the Festival in Arlon, I started a new book project: This one being a "comic without balloons" or something like that. Since I have a very short deadline, I had to put my current Film-Projects on hiatus.
The Book is entitled "Wolves Moon" and is in French. (Lune des Loups) It is a tale out from JFK's campaigning time. Wolves Moon is the name of a Territory in Americania: A wild and untamed land in the North West of the Country. A land where mammoths roam, and other pleistocene megafauna. Hence this Book gives me the opportunity to introduce a bit the Americanian Wildlife.
I will keep you updated about the creative process.

lundi, août 01, 2011

July over

Finally, the Exhibit-July is over. Yesterday, I arrived here in Basel, where I will stay for 2 weeks in order to get something like a bit of vacation.
I have some real active weeks behind me. Last one being the Exhibit in the Val d'Ajol. I was there every day, except Monday 25, when I traveled to Metz, meeting a representative of  Lorraine's Film department.

I sold one or two DVD's a day in the Val d'Ajol and an original drawing. Not really much. The Exhibit was not visited by as many people as when I last went there, in 1997. But it was nice. I meet some artists I already met 14 years ago. Like the one who does wooden figures, like these mushrooms:
I bought some, for these mushrooms are just too cool. He even offered me two.

Most of the visitors were elderly people who would merely be interested in the crafting goods, like hand made pearl charms or decorative plates . Therefore, a lot of artists who had paintings didn't sell anything at all and were pretty pissed off. So I think I can be satisfied by what I sold.

What annoyed me most - like at every exhibit / festival / connection whatever -  is the people who would come to your table with a "Oh you are drawing ? My son / grandchild / niece does also enjoy to draw"

Sincerely: What do these people expect me to answer to THAT? Really, I wish I had the right response, but I don't.
I mean, I don't know the child /relative in question, nor do I know his or her work. So what are I'm supposed to say?
I, for one, would *never* dare to approach an other artist at his table just to tell him of the talents of a relative of mine. To me this is a balant lack of respect. Because the artist attends this event to show HIS work in the first. If you are not interested in it, don't approach him at all.
Again, what am I supposed to respond ? "Wow, I didn't know that there is another living being out there who can draw, we should , meet immediately" or what ?

Oh my. I hate situations I can't deal with...