mercredi, août 24, 2011

Choice of language

"Lune des Loups" is advancing quite well. I may finish it in the first week of September, yay! It has still got to be proofread, of course.
I hope, I made the right choice when deciding that - at least for the first version - it will be in french. I did so because of the Arlon Festival, of course. But my professional counselor suggested that it may have been a better idea to publish it in German first, for French economy is really not well. I agree that I sell more in Germany than in France by now. A few years ago it was the opposite. I dunno. I don't have the time to re-write it all, anyway and I don't have the money to print two versions at this time. So I just have to hope.

I take great pleasure to draw in simple black-and white lines again. Sort of "back to the roots" feeling. Will make the book cheaper to buy. Probably a good thing.

2 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Schade, meine Französischkenntnisse sind über die letzten Jahre ziemlich eingerostet. Die Zeichnung sieht aber wie immer super aus.

Feronia a dit…

Your work really is just amazing, Diana. It looks great.