vendredi, août 12, 2011

fall in Basel

It's definitely fall here in Basel. The leaves fly around and the air is mild, but not hot. Beautiful.
Next Wednesday I will go Home to France, therefore I will enjoy the last days of my vacation in Basel with long walks, another Meeting with Gaby and hopefully my Aunt, too.
Since the Swiss Franc is extremely strong and almost worth one Euro now, a lot of Swiss people are buying houses in France, so they say. Hence this would be the very best moment to advertise my house in Switzerland. I do it in every paper and Internet Site I'm aware of, and which are free or at low cost. Unfortunately, the most popular Real Estate Platforms like Immoscout or Homegate are very expensive to advertise in. For some obscure reason, people think that owing a house automatically equals to being rich. So I have to hope that the ads in the lesser known platforms will do the job.

Mom sent me these Pics from Home:

That's Minggy, our newest cat. He does so very well with the other cats now and is best friend with Benni. I'm looking forward to see the whole gang again.

I also received the good news that State of  Vosges approved my ask for subsidy - so I can attend to the Festival in Arlon in October. They will pay 80 percent of my expenses. Now, that's pretty cool! I would have gone to Arlon anyway, but now I can be much more relaxed. Even if I don't sell much, the whole thing will not ruin me.

3 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

Good luck with selling your house - are there any internet listings that are specifically for holiday houses and so on? I know there are magazines here in Australia that advertise houses for sale and lease in Europe.

Well done on the subsidy!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia: Yes, the subsidy is a great relief. Oh, ads in Australia for European Houses? Must target rich people who can afford the overseas-trip in order to visit the houses...
But yes, there are also spezialized portals for holiday houses - I am currently advertising in them, too.

l'actrice a dit…

Congratulations on the subsidy! That is really good news. I so love the pictures of your gang:-)