lundi, août 01, 2011

July over

Finally, the Exhibit-July is over. Yesterday, I arrived here in Basel, where I will stay for 2 weeks in order to get something like a bit of vacation.
I have some real active weeks behind me. Last one being the Exhibit in the Val d'Ajol. I was there every day, except Monday 25, when I traveled to Metz, meeting a representative of  Lorraine's Film department.

I sold one or two DVD's a day in the Val d'Ajol and an original drawing. Not really much. The Exhibit was not visited by as many people as when I last went there, in 1997. But it was nice. I meet some artists I already met 14 years ago. Like the one who does wooden figures, like these mushrooms:
I bought some, for these mushrooms are just too cool. He even offered me two.

Most of the visitors were elderly people who would merely be interested in the crafting goods, like hand made pearl charms or decorative plates . Therefore, a lot of artists who had paintings didn't sell anything at all and were pretty pissed off. So I think I can be satisfied by what I sold.

What annoyed me most - like at every exhibit / festival / connection whatever -  is the people who would come to your table with a "Oh you are drawing ? My son / grandchild / niece does also enjoy to draw"

Sincerely: What do these people expect me to answer to THAT? Really, I wish I had the right response, but I don't.
I mean, I don't know the child /relative in question, nor do I know his or her work. So what are I'm supposed to say?
I, for one, would *never* dare to approach an other artist at his table just to tell him of the talents of a relative of mine. To me this is a balant lack of respect. Because the artist attends this event to show HIS work in the first. If you are not interested in it, don't approach him at all.
Again, what am I supposed to respond ? "Wow, I didn't know that there is another living being out there who can draw, we should , meet immediately" or what ?

Oh my. I hate situations I can't deal with...

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Diandra a dit…

I remember how once a (now ex-)penpal told me she had started taking up writing stories "because of all the prizes to be won, I would like some of them". My head almost exploded. (We fought over something else, but I might have been more patient if this sentence had never been uttered.)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Diandra: Oh yes - there are still so much people out there who really think that writing a book will *automatically* make you rich and fameous.

Sefarina a dit…

Klar, was soll man da sagen? Ich gucke meist dementsprechend vorwurfsvoll ratlos: sollen sie doch ruhig merken, dass sie gerade Mist reden *lach*

Schade dass die Veranstaltung nicht mehr so toll war. Insgesamt schade, wie wenig Interesse allgemein scheints da ist. Da vergeht es einem wirklich fast.
Von uns gibt es ja auch demnächst einen illustrierten Buchtrailer *zitter*.

Oh, und wenn ich mich noch in die "Buch-Sache" einmischen darf? Ich finde die Aussage von wegen "ich schreib auch mal schnell einen Hit" echt respektlos vor dem Handwerk. Da steckt so viel Zeit, Planung und Talent dahinter...

Feronia a dit…

I have been in similar situations! Clearly they really don't understand that you are an artist and quite a few steps above their doodling relatives! These days I try to smile in the face of such things and think to myself 'You just don't get it'.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia: Well, what else can we do, after all? But it IS annoying.

@Sefarina: Nun ja, wie gut etwas ankommt hängt vor allem auch damit zusammen, ob man ein klares Zielpublikum hat. (Das ist mein haupt Schwachpunkt) Das kann bei Deinem Werk ganz anders und beser sein.

Buchsache: Viele Leute sind eben erst mal nur mit der medialen Präsenz von Büchern konfrontiert und da gibt es nur "Bestseller" und "starautoren". Dass im Schatten dieser Erfolgreeichen Heerscharen von erfolglosen oder gar nicht erst veröffentlichten Autoren vor sich hin vegetieren wissen sie gar nicht, bzw nehmen das gar nicht zur Kenntnis. Töricht und naiv, aber wohl menschlich. In jedem Fall aber nervig.