mercredi, août 03, 2011

Wolves Moon

Since I am decided to take also a new printed work with me at the Festival in Arlon, I started a new book project: This one being a "comic without balloons" or something like that. Since I have a very short deadline, I had to put my current Film-Projects on hiatus.
The Book is entitled "Wolves Moon" and is in French. (Lune des Loups) It is a tale out from JFK's campaigning time. Wolves Moon is the name of a Territory in Americania: A wild and untamed land in the North West of the Country. A land where mammoths roam, and other pleistocene megafauna. Hence this Book gives me the opportunity to introduce a bit the Americanian Wildlife.
I will keep you updated about the creative process.

4 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

Looks great. Good luck with it!

Diana Kennedy a dit…


caroona a dit…

This looks beautiful. Will there be an English version as well?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@caroona: Yes, I think I will make one - but first the Fench, for it has the deadline.