mercredi, septembre 28, 2011

Blog candy chez Dryade!

Wow, Dear Dryade is giving out a very cool Blog candy, here:

Of course I participate!

I almost missed that post because of all that health-trouble.

It first started with a suppurative frontal sinusitis, the kind of shit I'm used to.
But then, during the night, the whole thing evolved into in an additional pain, a hard pain under my ribs. The pain was so intense, I finally had to call emergency service and they carried me to the Hospital at Epinal. There, I received a load of painkillers and had to wait in a hard bed out in the emergency room floor for another Doctor to see me and for the blood examination to be done. I waited for several hours. At least, the painkillers worked, but I was so extremely tired (I had slept only for 2 hours) and it was impossible to sleep in that floor.
Time was endless. I helped a German patient who didn't speak a word of French by translating his conversation with the doctor and a nurse. two times I was awakened after I barley felt asleep: Once it was a little boy who had "a screw in his finger" (they said.) gasp! Another time it was a man who yelled in pain like a soldier who was torn apart by a bombshell. Nurses laughed at him - "he is just a simulating bastard" they said "he comes here every week with his show".
Oh boy. And of course there was the inevitable old living mummy who tried to escape the eldery's asylum by inventing some Stomach-pain. I had to watch all these people being treated until, at 12:00, It was finally my turn again. Doctor came and said I probably have some  gallstones got stuck. He said since the painkillers work, I can go home with a load of them, anti-inflammatory medics and the prescription for a radiography looking about these stones.
So here I am. the frontal sinusitis is still making trouble and the gall-stones too, but I shut them down with the medics as soon as they dare to move.
I'm a lot better tough, but very tired and weak. Just hope things will be fine when I go to Arlon.

mardi, septembre 27, 2011

Just a little update

Yesterday, at 3:00 AM I had to be carried to the hospital as an emergency.
I was released in the afternoon, but I'm still very weak. So this is why I'm not very realiable in Blogging these days. But I'm well so far, don't worry ;-)

mercredi, septembre 21, 2011

Alban Elued

First of all, I wish you all a blessed Autumn Equinox, Mabon or Alban Elued, or how ever you call it. I didn't have the time to make a special drawing for the event this year, sorry. Therefore I let Minggy be the greeting card:

When you are so busy with a variety of projects, you really don't realize how quickly time passes! We are entering in the dark season of the year and soon the year will be over again.

vendredi, septembre 16, 2011

Rate it ! (please... ;-) )

You may remember when I was so frustrated because the entry of the Vosgian Beast Movie seemed to fail because I had no third party site about it. Well, some nice folks created a Facebook fan page and also did  the DVD had a review.

With these links in my pocket, I made a new attempt to complete that awful form - and now, a week later, YAY! I made it!
The Film is now part of the Imdb database:

As you can see, the entry is still pretty naked. There's no poster of the Film - I can add it for USD 30,00. Will do so as soon as I can spare this amount. Also some credits aren't there, although I indeed entered these contributors in the application. I will have to learn how I can properly edit the whole thing in order to have Iris Karina and Wolfgang Mittendorfer properly credited, to name just these two.

In another matter, I need your help: As you see, there's a rating function on the site. I don't know if you have to register to Imbd in order of being able to give ratings or not, but it would be very helpful if you would give out a rating (these stars you know). I don't ask for five stars even tough this would be great ;-) but just being sincere will be fine. My main point is to show to the Imbd machine that this little film is for real and even a handful of people know about it. So thank you for every rating.
Of course, if you feel like writing a review (it's also posssible) feel free to do so, it will be greatly appreciated.

Why all this effort, you may ask. Well, with a reference of the Film at Imbd, it will be much more harder for journalists, TV channels, Publishers and others to ignore the Film and hence my work as a whole. It's that simple.  So the more this Imbd entry is detailed and good looking, the better.

jeudi, septembre 08, 2011

Card set

I'm back from Basel and have a new load of drawing paper. What a relief ! :-)
Now that the Lune des Loups book is finished (I still wait for the proofread tough, so I can send the whole thing to the printer) I'm concentrating myself on the next project. This will be my "pagan tarot" card set. I have this project in the back for a real long time, with several cards already done - so its really time to finish it for good. In fact, its not a classic tarot with the classic cards just illustrated by me, its an own concept. All while some "must" cards are there like "death" or  "love" and so on, I tried to add some cards with aspects that I think are  not portrayed so often.
I have about 10 cards still to do and then I can print a first set and test it, to see if the whole concept works or if there are aspects missing.

samedi, septembre 03, 2011

Paperless Week End

Yesterday, I ran out of drawing paper. We will drive to Basel next Monday, where I can buy me some new. But until then...2 horrible days without drawing paper. 2 days !
Can you imagine the Awe I'm going trough?
Ok, I can work on the Computer. I can make some animations, for I still have plenty of tracing paper.
But this doesn't help. Its the sole knowledge that I can't draw on paper even tough I would like to do so that just atrocious. I don't know if I can survive this.