mercredi, septembre 28, 2011

Blog candy chez Dryade!

Wow, Dear Dryade is giving out a very cool Blog candy, here:

Of course I participate!

I almost missed that post because of all that health-trouble.

It first started with a suppurative frontal sinusitis, the kind of shit I'm used to.
But then, during the night, the whole thing evolved into in an additional pain, a hard pain under my ribs. The pain was so intense, I finally had to call emergency service and they carried me to the Hospital at Epinal. There, I received a load of painkillers and had to wait in a hard bed out in the emergency room floor for another Doctor to see me and for the blood examination to be done. I waited for several hours. At least, the painkillers worked, but I was so extremely tired (I had slept only for 2 hours) and it was impossible to sleep in that floor.
Time was endless. I helped a German patient who didn't speak a word of French by translating his conversation with the doctor and a nurse. two times I was awakened after I barley felt asleep: Once it was a little boy who had "a screw in his finger" (they said.) gasp! Another time it was a man who yelled in pain like a soldier who was torn apart by a bombshell. Nurses laughed at him - "he is just a simulating bastard" they said "he comes here every week with his show".
Oh boy. And of course there was the inevitable old living mummy who tried to escape the eldery's asylum by inventing some Stomach-pain. I had to watch all these people being treated until, at 12:00, It was finally my turn again. Doctor came and said I probably have some  gallstones got stuck. He said since the painkillers work, I can go home with a load of them, anti-inflammatory medics and the prescription for a radiography looking about these stones.
So here I am. the frontal sinusitis is still making trouble and the gall-stones too, but I shut them down with the medics as soon as they dare to move.
I'm a lot better tough, but very tired and weak. Just hope things will be fine when I go to Arlon.

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Karan a dit…

Ouch! Look after yourself - I hope you'll be better soon!

l'actrice a dit…

Good luck and get better soon:-)

Diandra a dit…

Ouch, get well soon!

Bodecea a dit…

Get well soon!
Ich weiß nicht, ob es in dem Stadium noch was bringt, aber ich schlucke beim ersten Anzeichen von Sinusitis Eukalyptusölkapseln und esse viel Meerrettich - das hilft.

Alles Liebe

Feronia a dit…

Do take care of yourself, Diana! I know how hard sinusitis can be :( Get well soon :)

Geier a dit…

Diese Tabletten scheinen ja lustige Nebenwirkungen zu haben ;) ...
Ich hoffe du wirst die Steinchen wieder los.