dimanche, octobre 02, 2011

Here and there

Health is a lot better now and I am preparing my next short Trip to Basel (the usual, monthly one.)

Today I decided to stop the daily scanning of the art I produce - I will take the whole load to Basel and scan it there, where I have a scanner that is a lot faster. I'm loosing so much time with my old one here. Instead, I will process the stuff already scanned that is in the waiting line. That is enough work to do.

Arlon is approaching with big steps - and I am waiting for the copies of  Lune des Loups being released by the printer. I really hope all is well, because if they made it bad, there won't be enough time to reprint it.

Aside of that, I have all I want to take to Arlon finished and ready. I think this is one of the festivals I'm best prepared to.

4 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Oh, eine Lolita im Kennedy-Style!
Toll, dass du so gut vorbereitet bist. Zeitdruck ist echt mies, wenn es um Ausstellungen oder sonstige Fristen geht.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Ja, wobei jetzt nur noch das Büchlein rechtzeitig ankommen muss *hibbel*. Aber dann habe ich alles , was es braucht.

Feronia a dit…

Love the little gothy girl! Is she a part of your latest work? So glad you are on the mend health-wise :)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Ferinia: No, actually I did this as a T-Shirt design and I'm trying to sell the original.