samedi, octobre 08, 2011

Lune des Loups

Ah, the Lune des Loups book was sent out by the printer - in time, I got it yesterday!
Printing came out really cool! Clean and of fine quality. I am so happy that I managed to produce this book in time so that I can take it with me to Arlon...

Really wonder how the balloonless Formula will be accepted by the audience. If it is well receveived, then it will definitely be the way to go for me when it comes to drawn stories. Not only that  it has a bit more style in my eyes, (but that is just me) also can I achieve a story much more quickly. The only realistic chance for me to bring to live all the scripts I still have in the waiting line.
Doing the same story as a traditional Comic would have taken me 1 year of work - not just 2 months as it did with the storybook.
In the Storybook I only illustrated the most important views and situations. As an example, a comic requires you to redraw the same background over 10 and more panels, maybe from different angles, but still the same. A huge and boring work that, most of the time, isn't even fully recognized by the reader. Worse: Comics still have that appeal of "cheap" whereas an illustrated book is seen as something more "noble". So why the hell should I do all this work just to produce something that is despised?
Storybooks allow me to draw only scenes and things I really WANT to draw, not because I have to. I hope that this will have an effect on the allover quality.

4 commentaires:

Bodecea a dit…

Mir gefällt deine Version der illustrierten Bücher sehr gut! Wenn es ankommt, bleib doch dabei.


l'actrice a dit…

It looks awesome:-)

Sefarina a dit…

Illustrierte Romane haben einfach was, vor knapp hundert Jahren war das ja noch ganz normal. Und in zwei Monaten hast du die Sache echt erstaunlich schnell geschafft.

Es ist eine Schande, dass Comics so wenig gewürdigt werden. Der Zeitaufwand ist immens und es ist eine vollwertige Kunstform, in der viele Kleinigkeiten stimmen müssen.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Bodecea, ja wenn es nur irgendwie ankommt werde ich in jedem Fall dabei bleiben.

@L'actrice: Thank you!

@ Sefarina: ja, es fängt im Grunde schon mit dem Namen "Comic" an, das suggeriert, dass das automatisch komisch sein muss. Ich werds mir auf jeden fall nicvht mehr antun, wenn ich nicht muss.