mardi, novembre 29, 2011


I'm recovering from the surgery and each day is a new step into normal life!
Tomorrow, I will drive to town, in order to get us some goods we're out of. I think that I'm now able to achieve this "work". When I tried to ride the car a day after I went out from the hospital, it was pretty painful and not a good idea.

I'm also slowly finishing the Script for the Merula Dawn Film. This Phase is always very exciting.  The whole story now gets its final look. There are some twists and turns I'm really proud of and some aspects I definitively need to work out better. But the main strain of the storyline is now ready and this is a big step.  When the final polishing is done, then the script will be ready to be send out to potential collaborators, such as the Music Composer and the voice actors.
And of course, I need to do the translations. Original language this time is German, so I have the French and the English Versions to do.

There are several scenes already done. I'm working very carefully, trying to avoid the mistakes I made in previous projects. There are some scenes I honestly don't know by now how I will realize them, such a scene with a stormy sea and its raging waves on the beach. Waves in the ocean are okay, but waves crashing on the beach...That will be a real challenge.

samedi, novembre 26, 2011

Back home

So happy that I am back home again.
Surgery went well, aside of a few complications that resulted in much more and bigger holes in me than they initially said. It's like I received a blast with a shotgun in my belly. It's awful hurting and I'm feeling allover very weak. The communal Nurse passes every day to give me injections. But I am at home and surgery is over, that is what counts. I slowly get back doing some artwork, and I realize how happy it makes me to work on my projects again. Doing animations is truly what like most.

Thank to all of you for your recovery wishes and thoughts. It means a lot to me. The sole fact of being back to all this, my home, my friends, my art makes me happy and I forget the physical problems.

samedi, novembre 19, 2011


Tomorrow I will have to check in to the hospital. Gall Bladder Surgery is scheduled for Monday, November 21.

It will be mostly a routine job. They will grab out the gall bladder and the stones trough little holes they drill into me. When all goes well, I even can go home on Tuesday 22...Spending JFK's death day at least partly at home. That would be great. If not, it will be Wednesday. Only if they have to cut me open for whatever reason, then I'm on for a longer stay.
So I hope for the best. What annoys me most is the general anesthesia, of course. Each time I had it, it was a very hard and painful awakening. But well, maybe I will bear it better this time, since I am a lot thinner and will not need such a huge dose. Anyway, I'm looking forward for the moment I'm halfway awaken and told that all has gone well.

lundi, novembre 14, 2011

The Garbage Truck

Today we went for shopping in Xertigny, a town 15 car-minutes away from our village, where you can find a bit more shops than in Bains-lesBains, our next town.
On the way back we saw a big Garbage Truck lying on its side. Fire came out of the bottom.  Two men were still inside the cabin. First, I thought that they were Firefighters, due to their reflecting vests. But they happened to be the Dustmen. We stopped at the roadside, to see how we could help. People run out from the surrounding houses, too. The Dustmen could climb out and everyone was shouting at them: "Get away from the truck, it's burning.". Indeed, I was also afraid that it could explode, even tough that I heard that unlike what is commonly shown in the movies, this doesn't happen.

I tried to call the Firefighters with my cell phone, but it didn't work. Okay, my Cell phone is registered in Switzerland, but fuck!  I expected that emergency numbers would work worldwide, no matter where your provider is located and where you are. Good to know this for the future.
The Dustmen seemed not to be injured. One caught a Fire extinguisher and managed to kill the Flames. The people from he houses now called the Firefighters with their phones. Apparently, Firestation said that now that the Fire is extinct, they won't bother to come. Fortunately, people insisted that there was fuel coming out of the truck, running all over the road and that there was a big Garbage Truck lying on its side that has to be removed by one way or another. After that, they agreed to come.
Since the situation was under control, we drove away. Before, I made this photo with my cell phone:

jeudi, novembre 10, 2011

Georgie Kitten

Speeking of new projects, another one is Georgie the black Kitten.
Georgie has been originally created as T-Shirt Design for Spreadshirt and turned out to be the most popular of my designs there. Therefore, I decided to go a little farther with this character. Planned is an universe of Postcards, Trading cards and little Films.

The Films shall be suited even for the smallest Children. same age as the Teletubbies, with the difference that
Georgie will (hopefully) be liked by adults as well.


Georgie Homepage

mercredi, novembre 09, 2011

Merula Dawn

After the finishing of la Bête des Vosges, I have now dived into the new projects. There is Thyla of course, which I entirely rework in order to make it a widescreen Movie. And then there is "Crazy race" a little Film I started years ago and which I should finish just because there's already a lot of material done. And there is my most ambitious project: "Merula Dawn".
It is a film that also features JFK, but in a lot more adult way than the Vosgian Beast. No, not "adult" in the meaning you are thinking about ;-)  Adult in the way that it has a very complex story and is partly pretty scary. It is sort of a Mystery Thriller. A project I know will probably not be popular outside of a little freaky audience, but I'm starting to no monger care about that. I just WANT this project to be done. To hell with commercial potential. We are probably running into a global economic depression anyway, so fuck it.
I think it will take several years to achieve Merula Dawn, although I am a lot faster now in animating, because there are mistakes I not longer do and I worked out time saving methods. I will  keep you updated in this blog about the creative process of this Project.
The above Picture shows the very first scene of the story. It has been preceded by 10 Intro-scenes in Black and white.