lundi, novembre 14, 2011

The Garbage Truck

Today we went for shopping in Xertigny, a town 15 car-minutes away from our village, where you can find a bit more shops than in Bains-lesBains, our next town.
On the way back we saw a big Garbage Truck lying on its side. Fire came out of the bottom.  Two men were still inside the cabin. First, I thought that they were Firefighters, due to their reflecting vests. But they happened to be the Dustmen. We stopped at the roadside, to see how we could help. People run out from the surrounding houses, too. The Dustmen could climb out and everyone was shouting at them: "Get away from the truck, it's burning.". Indeed, I was also afraid that it could explode, even tough that I heard that unlike what is commonly shown in the movies, this doesn't happen.

I tried to call the Firefighters with my cell phone, but it didn't work. Okay, my Cell phone is registered in Switzerland, but fuck!  I expected that emergency numbers would work worldwide, no matter where your provider is located and where you are. Good to know this for the future.
The Dustmen seemed not to be injured. One caught a Fire extinguisher and managed to kill the Flames. The people from he houses now called the Firefighters with their phones. Apparently, Firestation said that now that the Fire is extinct, they won't bother to come. Fortunately, people insisted that there was fuel coming out of the truck, running all over the road and that there was a big Garbage Truck lying on its side that has to be removed by one way or another. After that, they agreed to come.
Since the situation was under control, we drove away. Before, I made this photo with my cell phone:

3 commentaires:

Geier a dit…

Mir hat mal ein Feuerwehrmann gesagt, daß Autos praktisch nie explodieren, er hat das nur einmal erlebt - Hollywood-Mythos!
Mich würde allerdings interessieren wie ein Müllwagen umkippen kann...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Geier: Yep, ist halt ein geiler Filmeffekt, so eine explodierende Karre. Keine Ahnung wie die das geschafft haben, diesen Müllwagen flach ezu legen.
Auf dem Fotob sieht man ja eine kurvenförmige Bremsspur, so als hätten sie versucht, irgendwie auszuzeichen. Der Kommentar der Müllmänner war jedenfalls nur "Scheiss Laster".

Sefarina a dit…

Ein umgekippter Müllwagen, Sachen gibt's.

Das mit dem Explodieren ist m.W. hauptsächlich ein Mythos, aber brennen können Autos dafür ganz ordentlich.
Nur blöd, dass der "scheiß Laster" sich wohl aus dem Staub gemacht hat.