mercredi, novembre 09, 2011

Merula Dawn

After the finishing of la Bête des Vosges, I have now dived into the new projects. There is Thyla of course, which I entirely rework in order to make it a widescreen Movie. And then there is "Crazy race" a little Film I started years ago and which I should finish just because there's already a lot of material done. And there is my most ambitious project: "Merula Dawn".
It is a film that also features JFK, but in a lot more adult way than the Vosgian Beast. No, not "adult" in the meaning you are thinking about ;-)  Adult in the way that it has a very complex story and is partly pretty scary. It is sort of a Mystery Thriller. A project I know will probably not be popular outside of a little freaky audience, but I'm starting to no monger care about that. I just WANT this project to be done. To hell with commercial potential. We are probably running into a global economic depression anyway, so fuck it.
I think it will take several years to achieve Merula Dawn, although I am a lot faster now in animating, because there are mistakes I not longer do and I worked out time saving methods. I will  keep you updated in this blog about the creative process of this Project.
The above Picture shows the very first scene of the story. It has been preceded by 10 Intro-scenes in Black and white.

3 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

L'art pour l'art, das ist die richtige Einstellung! Ich freue mich schon jetzt darauf.

Falls du unterwegs mal jemanden zum Schimpfen und Jammern brauchst oder für konstruktive Kritik, dann hast du ja meine Adresse ;-)

Bodecea a dit…

Klingt interessant!


Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina. Das werde ich machen!

@Bodecea: Danke!