mardi, novembre 29, 2011


I'm recovering from the surgery and each day is a new step into normal life!
Tomorrow, I will drive to town, in order to get us some goods we're out of. I think that I'm now able to achieve this "work". When I tried to ride the car a day after I went out from the hospital, it was pretty painful and not a good idea.

I'm also slowly finishing the Script for the Merula Dawn Film. This Phase is always very exciting.  The whole story now gets its final look. There are some twists and turns I'm really proud of and some aspects I definitively need to work out better. But the main strain of the storyline is now ready and this is a big step.  When the final polishing is done, then the script will be ready to be send out to potential collaborators, such as the Music Composer and the voice actors.
And of course, I need to do the translations. Original language this time is German, so I have the French and the English Versions to do.

There are several scenes already done. I'm working very carefully, trying to avoid the mistakes I made in previous projects. There are some scenes I honestly don't know by now how I will realize them, such a scene with a stormy sea and its raging waves on the beach. Waves in the ocean are okay, but waves crashing on the beach...That will be a real challenge.

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Sefarina a dit…

Also die Stimmung finde ich schon mal klasse! Nun bin ich natürlich gespannt wie sich der Plot entwickelt.
Der aktuelle Podcast von "writing excuses" behandelt übrigens Mystery, falls du noch am feilen bist ;-)