vendredi, décembre 30, 2011

End of the Year

End of year is approaching, so I did some cleansing of the house. To me, New Year is a holiday as important as Yule. Maybe because the phenomenon of time always fascinated me.

Minggy is a lot better today. I am surprised on how well he dealt with that surgery, both physically and psychically.

jeudi, décembre 29, 2011

Exhausting day

Wow, what a day.
early in the morning we had to drive to the vet with Pico for his vaccination and Minggy for his neutering surgery. This is already a bad start into a day, because of  all the concerns one has regarding a surgery and the fact that we have to rip the cats out of their home, stuff them into the car and then drive them to a place they hate.
On the road then - the car -  its the replacement car, because, no, our isn't still fixed - broke down, dead.
So we were at the roadside with a dead car and two meowing cats. I called the Chief mechanic and he said he would come within 15 minutes. He did so and brought an old car with him so we could attend the vet anyway. I drove with the replacement car of the replacement car to the vet. it was an old rotten Ford Fiesta out of the 80ties.

The surgery went well and the mechanic called that we could come fetch back replacement car Nr.1.
So no big deal, but I was extremely pissed off.
At home, Minggy got awake and  he seemed to get well trough the stages of getting back into normality.
But then, Benni -  his best friend -  hissed at him. I guess Benni did not recognize him because of his "hospital-smell". Minggy took it very bad and hissed back - and at all the other cats too, even those who have received him well.  It reminded me of his very first day here, when he growled and hissed without stopping at everyone. Right now he did finally lay down on the sofa. He has still that "go fuck yourself" look in his eyes, but well, at least he stopped stumbling trough the room, hissing and growling.
What a day.

lundi, décembre 26, 2011

Quiet days

We had very good and quiet holidays so far. I love these days "between the years". A time to take some rest all while doing new plans. Today's hike was almost a trip in early spring: Sunshine, warm sensation of winter. But I don't think that this weather will last. However, the walk in the sun did us really good.

samedi, décembre 24, 2011

Merry Xmas

Despite of the fact that we do Yule, December 24 is still the day we light the tree and give out the gifts.
If it were just for me, I'd do all these things on 21, but especially my mom is somehow used to 24. , so I don't want to force too much changes. And after all, this way we have 2 days of celebration, why not?

I entered the tree and as you can see, cats examined every twig of it. from left to right: Benni, Pico, Minggy, Millie, Winzy.

Wish you all peaceful Holidays.

mercredi, décembre 21, 2011

Merry Yule

To all of you a blessed and quiet Yule. May The night of the return of the light be for you the beginning of a new cycle of creative happiness

samedi, décembre 17, 2011

A Christmas Tale by Geier

Geier, a talented German  artist is mostly known for doing Comics and illustrations that are for mature audience. But this time he decided to offer a beautiful and funny Christmas tale that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike! Go have a look at:
Every day, a new episode is added - First episode started today. Geier did the story and the art.  A really wonderful idea to shorten time until Christmas!
(whole thing is in German, of course)

lundi, décembre 12, 2011

Old-Timer in the mud

On yesterdays hike we found this on the field trail:

A piece from an old vinyl record. It was so dirty we couldn't even identify what content it had.
Well, yes, Vinyl disks were mortal. I grew up with them but unfortunately, never belonged to those people who would softly pull them out their jacket, play them with all due care and then immediately put them back into first the paper wrap and then the jacket. Never touching the surface of course, holding only the sides.

Once I pulled a disk out, it finished its short life astray on the carpet, together with other records. If I was forced to clean my room, I just piled them up in some corner. Quickly they had so much scratches and holes that they sounded like vintage recordings from the ninetieth century. Leaving them in sun-rays also gave them funny shapes...

To me, Invention of CD's was some kind of relief. CD's are not immortal too, despite of what it was told, but they are at least a little bit more tolerant. 
For all those who treated their vinyls well, emerging of Digital Disk was not really welcomed. It threatened their huge collection of so much cared Vinyls. "I even can't stand the clac-clac sound when folks finger trough them CD's in a shop" said a friend of mine. He really has a big collection of Vinyls and he did always took much care of it. 
It may be a bit of solace to him and all Vinyl Lovers that Audio-CDs themselves were just a byway in evolution. MP3 is on the best way to reduce CD's to a collectible item for special interest-people, too.

jeudi, décembre 08, 2011

I changed my mind

...regarding water solble color pencils.
Until recently I thought that they were pure shit, as attractive as  nuclear waste or female Body-Builders.
Weeks ago, I accidentally bought one and days ago, I used it accidentally.
Well, I must say, it was not the expected "immediately-wash-away-my-work" traumatic experience I was afraid of.
Especially when painting buildings and building elements in film backgrounds, It just made the lines smoother, more realistic... fine. Tomorrow, I'm going to Basel - I will buy me some more of this stuff, then!

dimanche, décembre 04, 2011

Movies stereotypes

I had some time to spare and took fun into collecting a few stereotypes that appears to exist in the movies. Not in ALL movies of course, but in several.


* A Pet either dies in the first ten minutes of the film  - or never. No matter in how deep a trouble it gets, it will return safe to its owner at the end. Same applies for Kids.
* Dogs are more likely to get killed than cats. Exception is for cats owned by lone, vulnerable Ladies who are stalked by a weirdo. Stalker will never miss to kill the cat.
* Whereas the horse in real life takes every opportunity to pull down its head and catch a bit of food, Horses in Westerns never seem to be hungry. Even after a long ride, they just stand still when the rider dismount. 
* Deer will willingly appear as soon as someone decides to go hunting.
* In German Films, Horse-Farms are owned by a good looking but broke woman in need for a hero to save them from a reckless Capitalist who wants to transform the farm into a casino or such.
* Most dogs in Film are extremely smart. They  know who the murderer is long before anybody else does. 
* Cats throw out shrill fighting screams, even if they just trott along the road or jump down from somewhere. Probaly because they love to scare the shit out of you.
* Save an old nag from slaugther and it will win the next race for you!
* Snakes will always try to bite you.


* Children in Film either have the mental abilities of  furniture and just look dumb when someone talks to them or they happen to be some sort of miniature, know-it-all adults. Both versions can be extremly annoying.
* There are more autistic kids in film than in reality and each one has a particular gift.


*In Film, no obese person appears without her or his overweight being mentionned in some way, or even is part of the plot.
* A fat man may get a thin, good looking woman as wife, if he happens to be a nice guy. But no fat woman will ever get a thin, good looking man -  no matter how smart or nice she is. 
If she does, then i'ts because the man in question wants a  green card or uses her for his dark plans. 
* Thin people in Film can eat Pizas, Chocolate and Burgers every day and never get fat, if they happen to be the main characters.

ETHNICS (applies mostly to US Films)

* Every German is either a Nazi, has a Nazi past or is otherwise related to a Nazi. If not, he sells weapons or chemical warfare supplies. 
* Every Arab is a terrorist. If not, his son or cousin is.
* Every black man in a mixed crew can be sure to be the one who's killed first.
* Jews are always innocent. 
* Latinos are always drug-dealing firearm-freaks.


* A car will keep on rolling, even if it has to crash trough a solid fence, hit whatever hard obstacle and is burning.
* Every driver fits any car, no need for nobody to adjust the seat.
* No one ever gets killed or at least injured at highway-chases.
* Every car will have a starting problem when a monster or a mad killer is outside.
* No persecuted person ever properly locks the car when leaving it, even tough the back seat is the favorite hiding place for any killer. 


* I'm ashamed I can't hack me into the Pentagon-System. According to Films, its really no big deal to do so.
* In Film, you can google about any tiny little incident that happened somewhere in time and space and you will find all the Info you need.
* Zoom in any bitmap-Picture and you will end up with nothing than big, square Pixels. In Movies, they have experts who can transform these Pixels into sharp details that weren't there before.
* In older films, whole NASA-Programs fit on a floppy-disk.


* Women whose husbands have a dangerous job will leave them, because they  "too much fear to loose him". - This doesn't make the slightest sense, but well...
* A main male character will have a boring, troublesome wife who's always making a big fuzz over the tiniest little shit. But he will always be patient and stand at her side.
* Teenage Girls are dumb, aggressive bitches who toroughly hate their parents and can't wait to take drugs or rob a service station.
* Unless it's the subject of the story, no man will ever leave his wife. Woman will drop the man. 
* Lesbians are sexy but evil.
* Gays will kill their Lovers if they dare to cheat them.


* Whereas Smokers are in the minority nowadays, there isn't such a thing as a non-smoker in German Films.
* If two persons meet in restaurant for dining, they never will finish their repast. One will jump out and leave the place in anger, long before food is even served.
* No man will ever drink his cofffe other than "black without sugar".
* A jobless actress can still afford a beautiful house in LA.

Any addition to the list?