jeudi, décembre 29, 2011

Exhausting day

Wow, what a day.
early in the morning we had to drive to the vet with Pico for his vaccination and Minggy for his neutering surgery. This is already a bad start into a day, because of  all the concerns one has regarding a surgery and the fact that we have to rip the cats out of their home, stuff them into the car and then drive them to a place they hate.
On the road then - the car -  its the replacement car, because, no, our isn't still fixed - broke down, dead.
So we were at the roadside with a dead car and two meowing cats. I called the Chief mechanic and he said he would come within 15 minutes. He did so and brought an old car with him so we could attend the vet anyway. I drove with the replacement car of the replacement car to the vet. it was an old rotten Ford Fiesta out of the 80ties.

The surgery went well and the mechanic called that we could come fetch back replacement car Nr.1.
So no big deal, but I was extremely pissed off.
At home, Minggy got awake and  he seemed to get well trough the stages of getting back into normality.
But then, Benni -  his best friend -  hissed at him. I guess Benni did not recognize him because of his "hospital-smell". Minggy took it very bad and hissed back - and at all the other cats too, even those who have received him well.  It reminded me of his very first day here, when he growled and hissed without stopping at everyone. Right now he did finally lay down on the sofa. He has still that "go fuck yourself" look in his eyes, but well, at least he stopped stumbling trough the room, hissing and growling.
What a day.

2 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Zwei unwillige Katzen in einem streikenden Auto? Horror.
Kein Wunder, dass nach so einem Tag auch der Kleine die Nase voll hat.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarna: Ja, für ihn wars der totale Scheisstag. Heute Morgen scheint er aber wieder richtig guter Dinge zu sein, ein Glück!